Outing with Amelia Qing Abel!

Hello, missed me?
Hehe finally i've got something to blog about for the past.. 10 days!

Went to meet up with 3 bloggers which quite a number of people
out there would have already knew about it..

  • Amelia
  • Qing
  • Abel

    okay let's start my proper post. *er hem..*
    Warning: sorry for the very wordy post of mine!

    Woke up early in the morning at 9AM today, took a bath yadda yadda yadda...

    Around 10.30AM and i'm out of the house as we're meeting at 11AM.
    okay so i'm the first to reach there, i decided to look for a toilet
    but i freaking couldn't find it!! gahhhhh.....

    Then i recieved an sms from Amelia that she have reached and she's near 7-11..
    so i went to find her instead of continuing my hunting for the darn toilet.. *gave up*
    And when Amelia ring-ed me and ask me where am i which i'm actually just right infront of her, hahaha!

    Pretty awkward at first but slowly we started chatting about random stuffs and P/S: Amelia's voice is sweet!
    Went to find abel next and we realised that we're kind of lost, so yeah..
    But we managed to find abel (or vice versa) and went to find Qing after that
    Another awkward moment but after that we started chatting again!

    First stop: KFC!! was really superb hungry as we all did not had our breakfast yet...
    We're yaking and yaking about blogging stuffs and of course... we gossiped a little. Had fun chatting and laughing with them

    Second stop: we thought of watching Jennifer's body but screw that!! we can't.
    Huuhuu.... Because amelia qing and abel are 15 and the movie is NC16 *arbish... throw fish throw egg throw fist!
    So we decided to...

    Third stop: take neoprints!!! Totally high and i can never forget one part that i was laughing and i tripped on my bag...

  • After taking neoprints, we feel a little hungry again so we went to mcdonalds!
    And another talking chatting laughing gossiping!
    okay shall post a few pictures for today, enjoy!

    While in the mrt back home, me and amelia planned to go ice skating with qing also one day! So it's not the end!

    I hope i did not lag your computer with these bomb of pictures
    okay but anw, as usual! More pictures at my facebook!
    So only priority friends of my facebook are able to see the pictures!
    And as usual again.... i don't accept strangers!


    11.11 is loved.
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