Republic poly open house

Hate it when i want to blog but i have nothing to blog

School is here, i think the class is pretty boring compared to last year
I miss my chaos class!
I'm not saying the new class is bad though, it's just that...... i get irritated of something..

Went to republic poly open house today. It was quite boring at first, walking around the place like some kind of primary school excursion
Just hate how they go "line up in twos please"

During our last-minute-walk, our class can't help laughing at those boys playing around with the "fake patient"
and we get to make this doh-looking thing i made one in pink colour and also get a cute looking pen

Well before i go, just a picture to show what my pony tail looks like now.
It's really "thin" and short. (well... to me is considered short though)

I love my red teleband but i always get caught since the first day of school

2010, love me better please!

sometimes when i saw him, i kinda avoid him.
what am i thinking!

you're so cute... i just miss talking to you. or maybe even a hi.
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