outing with Amelia & Qing!

Went out with 2 of my best cyberfriend today, amelia and Qing!

it was a pretty fun day with them! we meet up at bishan and went to lunch at the mcdonalds, was chatting and gossiping with them throughout
After that we just walk around J8, amelia bought a panda book!

Just realised that me and amelia are both panda lovers I wanted to buy the panda book too but gahhhhhh! i did not bring enough cash to spend....
Qing bought pink polka dots ribbon strip to decorate her korean chalkboard

I've seen the picture of her korean chalkboard! it's was freaking cute!!
And qing is gonna buy one for me from her house's downstairs
Can't wait till the day we meet up again so that i can get myself a korean chalkboard too!! ignore me, i just get to excited when it comes to korean stuffs...

there was this part that we can't stop laughing about myself
i saw a chicken toy when we were looking around minitoons, i don't know what made me squeeze it...
and all of a sudden that stupid chicken made a loud noise. i got really shocked!!
hahahaha, but it was really fun. i hope to hang out with them someday again!

Lastly, thanks abel for the gift and letter!

*other pictures will be uploaded to facebook.
only accept people i know.

School's starting tomorrow! Can't spend too much time on the net anymore.
i'm starting to drag school now.....
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