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went to sophia's house today as she's teaching me some new (new to me, haha) HTML codes for my dream skin

i think i know how to code it out already so i'll be working out on it soon.
But it won't be finished that fast since i'm still figuring out some stuffs, and these html codes

are killing me.

i'm still finding for the cable for my phone! Hopefully i can find it soon

anyway, i created a formspring when i was away from blogging.
so ask me anything but not resources please

and thanks for the increasing followers!
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  1. Html`s killing me too. whew... goodluck :)

  2. Lisa! Looking forward to your new layout! I can't wait! :D Definitely going to be nice as usual.

  3. Oh haha!
    HTML codes are really killing me too~//

    My blog is soo sensitive,, wrong size and it's all over~//
    looking forward to your skin :)

  4. haha ... ohh i see ~ gd luck then! i'm working on mine too! bit by bit ~ ^^

  5. well good luck with your new skin Lisa :D If you need help just tell me okay ;)

  6. Formspring seems pretty cool...I'd like to try it :D


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