Short post

I can't believe i actually stay away from cyberworld for a coming of one month!!
I did not even bother to reply my tags and it's so many that i'm actually kind of lazy to reply them all...

But i'll reply them once i finish blogging.

okay so what have i been doing these few weeks
i'm actually facebooking all the way!! I'm back to pet society since i can't resist the cuteness of the new things in stores.

I'm also playing super dance in facebook because i want to win my sister which she's in level 15 now.
and i'm only in level 11 so she's practically boasting about it.

I have found a lot of materials for my new dream skin
But i can't code it out since i don't have time to do it anyway.... once i have time i will be changing my skin! it'll still be pinkish, as always

so anyway, i wanted to blog for the past days but i just can't find my cable to transfer pictures from phone to computer
and it sucks because i have lots of photos to share

i'll blog again soon, real soon! wait for me
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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Glad that you posting again :D and same as you I'm addicted to Facebook and Twitter as well ;)

    And wow I can't wait to see your new skin! I'm sure it's pretty :P

  3. Lisa! I'm jojo kays. :D

    i can't wait for your new layout!! sure very nice one! :DD

  4. heheh Cant wait for ur new SKIN lisa~ believe it'll just another awesome one as always^^

    Enjoy ur pet society! lol

  5. @ jojo: you link is unactive :(

    and thanks! but i'm still stuck in coding D: i sucks at coding, boohoo~

  6. Ahh! even if your coding sucks, (ahem, according to you), sure nice one mah! I can't wait :3

    Oops, psps, sorry about the link :D

  7. Hi!
    Thank you! ♥
    Oh and you're getting a new skin? Wow. :3 It'll be great to see it when you change it.

    I've been busy with Facebook too. D: It sometimes takes over my life! Hahaa! ♪

  8. Hi Lisa :3 Howisshu?

    I gotta agree,Facebook apps are really REALLY addicting. Once I spent a whole week after school just level-uping in farm town XD

    I added you in tumblr,I hope that's okay with you :)

    cheers :)

  9. haha i agree with you on pet society! i think it's been months since ive been to pet society but i couldn't resist all the new things there! xD

  10. Finally u blogged! Haha! I'll be looking forward to ur new skin & i'll be back real soon! :) by the end of the mth. *i hope*

  11. hello lisa,

    you are finally back with bloggings <3

    can't wait for your new blogskin layouts and sure its as nice as ever :D

    haha,sure alot of your friends like amelia and etc can help u out :)

    jyjy and all e best 4 yr coming new skin layout :XD


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