Finally! Hangul course!

About what happened on yesterday's post, i've deleted it.

Because i feel better now! :001: even though the thought of it makes me sad sometimes :057:

and i feel even better now because guess what:093:
I get a chance to learn hangul :234: :096: :096: :096:(korean language)
yes:094: i'm very happy about that:094::094:

that is my wish (if you saw it in my profile) for a very long time:092: :048:
but that will be after my final exams :224:

and nope, it's not my parents who are willing to pay for my course fee :033:
it's my auntie! :162: :162: :162:

it happened when me and my cousin was talking about how much we wish we can learn hangul :195: and how we planned to save money :050:
for our course since both of us are really really spendrift :153:

and suddenly my aunt just said she's willing to pay for us without us paying back :021:
so now i can't wait for my final exams to end :092: :092: :092:

thinking about it makes me feel so excited :019:

by the way, i want to re-watch this drama again
Hana Kimi :176:

i know this drama is really long ago :068:
but i feel like watching it again because i missed quite a few episodes

and my auntie was watching it today when we were talking about our hangul course. :191:
so yeah... i'll start watching it soon :088:
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  1. lisaaaaaa!~ you are so lucky to study hangul T^T me also wants to learn ~.~ envy you muchhh xD anyways, congrats siz!~ <3 and goodluck :D

    you have a nice auntie, huh ^_^

  2. Whoaa good luck for learning korea language :D and wow your aunt rock! xD oh whoa I think I will try to watch that drama! the cover look interesting *kekeke

    P.S: sorry for not commented the first time >.< I was really addicted to manga that you told me before .///.

  3. LISA! :D It's good to know that you're gonna learn Hangul very soon! :) Good luck with that. And yeah, you've got a really nice aunt! ;)

    ♥ Lara.

  4. wooww~~~ your sooo lucky~! I'm so jealous haha.... I wish I could do that but my parents won't pay for it... =(

    PS. my bf is happy you wanna learn it haha

  5. hehe hana kimi is definitely a funny show! :D

    you're lucky! I want to learn that! learning french is so hard for me! haha T_T

  6. congrats lisalisa<3 .
    So good T____T .
    Next time must teach me abit ah!
    hahas, will pay you learn LOl!
    Happy for you~~~

  7. I've never watched that drama, Hana-Kimi, which is weird bc I've read the manga to it but the drama never really interested me. I think its because I don't like the girl they picked to be the main character >_>;
    Maybe I should give it another try bc everyone talks about how good it is :o

  8. aw , i'd like to learn hangul !! hey, teach me , ok ? :DD

  9. Before I was really into Hana Kimi, kukuku drooling over Wu Chun... I forgot how I ended up liking Kyuhyun 0.o

    ooo envy, I can read and write hangul, but I want to learn how to speak and understand! good that you will 8D

  10. woah~ grats lisa u can learn hangul! haha! jys:D

  11. Wahh! Lisa so lucky, can learn korean !

    *envies* TT

    i'm Jolene from APRILYN (plurk) btw :)

  12. ^-^ It's ok for the late reply. I understand. >w< I have lots of exams coming up soon too! D: I have one in 3 weeks, and then lots more afterward. I'm very busy. ^^;

    Your blog is so old now. ;3 It's great! ♪ Mine is only a couple of months old. >w< Heehee. Hopefully I will keep on blogging, just like you!


  13. congratulations to your blog's birthday! :3
    I like it very much, will follow you^^

  14. Lucky LISA! Enjoy ur korean classes~~ Do teach me hangul too, okay, just kidding! ^^
    Hana Kimi is a nice show. I like all chinese, japan and korean version :>


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