Happy good friday!

Hello earthlings! :043:

My skin has finally finished :162::162: I have finished my creative brain juices, so this is the result! :195:
Thanks to the people who have supported me :023: both in my plurk and tagboard :175:
So how was yesterday's April Fools Day?

I think it's pretty boring this year because we had cross country :070:
Maybe most of the people were too tired :237: to even remember :153: :153:
The only person that i got tricked was Cynna! :068: That was really a very convincing trick. :158:

oh! And one more thing, i have removed many links in my blog because some were either dead links :177: or they never bother to come back :232:
To those who i have agreed to link you :158: while i was away, do tag me and i'll link you :001:

i'll blog again soon, have a happy good friday :234::234:
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  1. I like your new skin Lisa :D congrat it's lovely! ^^ and same as you, Cynna was tricked me as well xD

    Oh btw, Happy belated April fool's day lisa :D

  2. hello lisa,

    commented here!!

    Nice and lovely blogskin layout for both u and amelia :)

    great job done and keep yr blog rocking always <3

    Have a nice long holidaes ^^

  3. hey LISA, yay you're skin is finally finished! weee. Ofcourse I loved it. Happy April Fools to you :]

  4. Nice cute blogg you have here...
    Happy blogging and thanks same to you happy friday too...

    greetings from Sweden...

  5. Your layout ROCKS man lisa!!!♥♥♥

  6. kikiki~~ thanks for commenting! o(^-^)o

    cute layie (o ^^^^)b

  7. nope! i've deleted both cbox & guestbook of mine. (> <;;)

    plus it's easier for me to reply people using comment form o(^-^)o

  8. LOL. I guess Cynna fooled a lot of people during April Fools XDDD

    And welcome back sis! Wow, your hard work of designing this skin surely paid off! It's very beautiful :)

  9. Luv ur skin !!!lisa! <3

    btw..sorry for late late visiting:(was so crazy with self study..watever>..<

    Ur header pics ar really adorable, esp white bunnies! so cute :D


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