Pet society easter theme *edited*

Even though i really love :096: weekends because i can sleep longer and most importantly i don't have to go to school :162:
But what i hate is that i'm always bored and have nothing to do :153: :153:
and that means i have nothing to blog :180: ok so anyway, i spent half of my day playing
pet society. :205:

i still love playing pet society :195: :195: despite the fact that i'm broke :154: :154:

all i can do is visiting friends, washing them and i get sleepy everytime i do that :029:
but since the easter specials are just too cute, i have no choice :238:
This is my easter home :200:

so many bunny toys all around :200: :200: :200:
i love the easter bunny painting alot :234: it costs 5000 coins :063:
okay actually i love all the easter theme items, costly but cute :176:

Do help me to click on my nuffnang ads :195: :195: :195:


OMGGG, i feel like.. i don't really know how to say but all i know is i'm so super happy :234: :234: :234:
I just posted that i miss Joann :097: who have not been online for a coming of one year and guess what :235:
She just tagged me (as you can see) and she has finally come online :021:

she actually remembers my blog :043: feels like this is a miracle:106: because it has really been a long time :133:

i'm so happy :234: :012:

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  1. omo! thats really cute ^^
    now im really tempted to play PS again

  2. wow, that's so cute!! especially your pet's outfit! :3

  3. Heehee! Your pet's room is looking so cute! I'm saving up for the Easter painting too! It is so expensive though! D: I think tomorrow I will have enough. ^o^

    Abi ♥

  4. OMO! So cute~ though my house is very empty *well not really XD* Still saving up for moar money ^w^ Love pink!

  5. your pet is really cute!
    i'm stucked long time ago because i was too lazy to collect coins. he... he... :D


  6. aw~ ur pet home look nice!hahah
    i was tried to take care my pet too..er..lol forget it! XD

    Good luck lisa!

  7. whoa I like your pet society Lisa! it's so cute ;P

    and glad to hear about your friends coming back ^^

  8. LISA!!!You are damn rich in Pet society. Envy. I like always so poor and miss alot of 'this week special':(

  9. hey, i also play pet society, so can you add me? my email cute.character@yahoo.com I love your easter home xD

  10. You got a nice PetSo home! :)

    I used to play Pet Society, I pretty much misses it but I really don't want to start again (I might get addicted again).

    And thanks for dropping by my blog. :)


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