"I just like you" manga.

i spent my afternoon :159: reading a new manga again :195:
i still have a few books left that my cousin have lend it to me :050:

just finished one book titled:


if you translate it to english it will mean "i just like you." :162: :162: :162:
the title alone already makes me interested to read it :012:

i like the art alot! :195: especially how they draw their hair :158:

Moka (望加) is an ordinary high school student. She falls in love with Masato (芳井) from her school. Except Masato (芳井) only feels attracted to girls that have a boyfriend. But Moka (望加) insists that she will like him even so. And Moka (望加) goes through her one-sided love.

that's right! imagine a guy that only likes girls with boyfriends, how terrible would moka feel :057:
and that reminds me of a guy that i like that keeps changing his target :083:
oh well, i already kick him off :232: hahahaha. :051:
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  1. Wahh. is manga really that nice? :P and is the one you're reading now all in chinese? :3


  2. Well I'm already search for this manga @ mangafox and it's already complete! :D http://www.mangafox.com/manga/datte_suki_nan_damon/ maybe I will reading it staring now ^^

  3. wow that manga looks interesting! :D
    is it translated on your language? or it is on japanese?

    i miss reading mangas/comics.

  4. wow. maybe I'll try to read this manga too. lol it reminds me of my crushies :))

  5. haha is the manga nice?
    you do really like manga! :P

  6. he gets girls with boyfriends 0_o hahaha he's seriously nuts!
    it's been a long time since I read a manga, maybe i'll ready this one online :))


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