Yippee! A new handphone!

I thought my mum was being weird :148: that she keeps asking me what phone :157: do i like right now.

and this afternoon :159: she actually said she wants to buy me a new handphone :234::234::234: :242:
i think she's in a good mood that's why :162::162::162:
because my previous handphone was spoiled all of a sudden :163: (if you had read my posts last year)

so i was cracking my brain :156: and figuring out what handphone do i actually like :008:
but apparently i can't think of any :065: but if you really want to know what handphone i like :004: no doubt am i gonna say..


but i did not choose it because it does not have wifi. :153: i can't live without wifi :234:
okay actually i CAN live without wifi but still i need wifi :234: :024:
so i was just surfing the net around, looking for phones that catches my attention :210:

was thinking about this, what do you think :235:

Sony Ericsson Aino

i find the colours so glamorous :234: :048:

Reasons why i like this phone:
  • it has 8.1 mega pixels :179:
  • the camera is really good! :158: Lots of functions.
  • pretty big screen :191: (easier for me to surf the net)
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST IT HAS WIFI :195::195::195:
so what do you think :235: what do you think :235::235::235:
if no, any recommendations? :012:

so anyway, i'll be having my mid year examination :175: next week and no, i'm not nervous, haha :234: :143:
My plans of what i'm gonna do after my exam :156:

  • Decorate my korean chalkboard :175:
  • Finish my quote book :213:
  • massive shopping at daiso :096:
  • study :153:
just a short notice to some readers out there :218: :217: :216:
korean chalkboard is just a black chalkboard made from korea :097:
okay, off to playing pet society :205: now, catch me there :234: :154:
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  1. Hey Lisa, my friends has this Sony Aino. And we took some picts, the photos r really great!! really nice camera! XD~

  2. cute phone ^^ im a fan of sony ericsson myself unlike any other brand phone i think sony doesn't lag and the quality of the photos is superb!!

    congrats on your new phone ^^
    huhuhuhu.. i want a new phone too haha!

    your phone looks like the screen is touch screen? is it?

  3. get Xperia10..much worth.. =)

  4. ohgush. your new handphone is saw CUTE!

  5. Aino is nice. Satio not bad too(:

  6. Sony Aino seems good!
    you can buy it!!
    8.1 mega pixels man!!

  7. Well I don't really like Sony Ericsson cause I'm prefer to used Nokia ;) but whoaa 8.1 mega pixels?! you gotta be kidding me xD lol

    and btw good luck with your mid exam, I'm sure you can do it ;D

  8. WoW! Aino's cool! XD If im not wrong have black colour yeah? Satio also not bad! Hahas, changing phone in a few mths time too! wonder wat shld i get, considering nokia e72 coz i think the brown colour quite cool, haha! but dk whether nice to use or not :X

  9. Oh wow. A new phone :P Lucky for you :P
    I think it's okay. well if it has wi-fi then it's good for you :P
    But how about phones?

    Aww btw goodluck with your exam :P

  10. aino's cool, but for me satio is better! coz oh *whisper* my palm is so small and aino is too big for me yeah so i prefer satio than aino. but still aino is really kool!!

    and i agree to someone above that xperia x10 is really whoa *bling bling eyes* sugoi ne~~! ^^

    but if you love aino then i'm still supporting you! ^o^ becoz its just really nice same as satio! wooohoooo!! <3

  11. whooo so good you're getting a new phone! :D now mine's ice cream. :) hehe that sony ericsson aino looks nice. :P

  12. the phone is so pretty! <3 good choice! although it would be nice if you could also get your mom to buy you a lollipop phone. :3 hihi...

  13. oooicic~~ :O touch screen is so fragile too~~ :x if so, then aino is the best choice!! :D mine is also SE but the ancient one~~ X3 and mine also sliding phone and its so nice!! X3

    congrats. lisa!! \^o^/

  14. haha! ICE CREAM AND LOLLIPOP PHONE will be so awesome if someone will invent it! ^^

    And that phone, that's a cool phone i think :)

    GOGOGO! ♥

  15. You won't regret using SE, I'm using SE right now and I've never faced any problem with it! Although I like LG lollipop too :D congrats anyway XD

  16. I see. You need wi-fi so much? It's better to use a laptop. Yeah love LG's design, my friend use it and I can't stop staring at it!

  17. You should buy Aino! It's so cool!

  18. if i were you, I'd go for that phone! :)) but i think I'll also like a more kawaii cphone :)))

    that cp is very useful :D

  19. aah i see. well aino is great anyway, but i don't like big phones, that's why i fancy lollipop more, kekeke.


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