Yippee! A new handphone!

I thought my mum was being weird :148: that she keeps asking me what phone :157: do i like right now.

and this afternoon :159: she actually said she wants to buy me a new handphone :234::234::234: :242:
i think she's in a good mood that's why :162::162::162:
because my previous handphone was spoiled all of a sudden :163: (if you had read my posts last year)

so i was cracking my brain :156: and figuring out what handphone do i actually like :008:
but apparently i can't think of any :065: but if you really want to know what handphone i like :004: no doubt am i gonna say..


but i did not choose it because it does not have wifi. :153: i can't live without wifi :234:
okay actually i CAN live without wifi but still i need wifi :234: :024:
so i was just surfing the net around, looking for phones that catches my attention :210:

was thinking about this, what do you think :235:

Sony Ericsson Aino

i find the colours so glamorous :234: :048:

Reasons why i like this phone:
  • it has 8.1 mega pixels :179:
  • the camera is really good! :158: Lots of functions.
  • pretty big screen :191: (easier for me to surf the net)
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST IT HAS WIFI :195::195::195:
so what do you think :235: what do you think :235::235::235:
if no, any recommendations? :012:

so anyway, i'll be having my mid year examination :175: next week and no, i'm not nervous, haha :234: :143:
My plans of what i'm gonna do after my exam :156:

  • Decorate my korean chalkboard :175:
  • Finish my quote book :213:
  • massive shopping at daiso :096:
  • study :153:
just a short notice to some readers out there :218: :217: :216:
korean chalkboard is just a black chalkboard made from korea :097:
okay, off to playing pet society :205: now, catch me there :234: :154:
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  1. Hey Lisa, my friends has this Sony Aino. And we took some picts, the photos r really great!! really nice camera! XD~

  2. cute phone ^^ im a fan of sony ericsson myself unlike any other brand phone i think sony doesn't lag and the quality of the photos is superb!!

    congrats on your new phone ^^
    huhuhuhu.. i want a new phone too haha!

    your phone looks like the screen is touch screen? is it?

  3. ohgush. your new handphone is saw CUTE!

  4. Aino is nice. Satio not bad too(:

  5. Sony Aino seems good!
    you can buy it!!
    8.1 mega pixels man!!

  6. Well I don't really like Sony Ericsson cause I'm prefer to used Nokia ;) but whoaa 8.1 mega pixels?! you gotta be kidding me xD lol

    and btw good luck with your mid exam, I'm sure you can do it ;D

  7. WoW! Aino's cool! XD If im not wrong have black colour yeah? Satio also not bad! Hahas, changing phone in a few mths time too! wonder wat shld i get, considering nokia e72 coz i think the brown colour quite cool, haha! but dk whether nice to use or not :X

  8. Oh wow. A new phone :P Lucky for you :P
    I think it's okay. well if it has wi-fi then it's good for you :P
    But how about phones?

    Aww btw goodluck with your exam :P

  9. aino's cool, but for me satio is better! coz oh *whisper* my palm is so small and aino is too big for me yeah so i prefer satio than aino. but still aino is really kool!!

    and i agree to someone above that xperia x10 is really whoa *bling bling eyes* sugoi ne~~! ^^

    but if you love aino then i'm still supporting you! ^o^ becoz its just really nice same as satio! wooohoooo!! <3

  10. whooo so good you're getting a new phone! :D now mine's ice cream. :) hehe that sony ericsson aino looks nice. :P

  11. the phone is so pretty! <3 good choice! although it would be nice if you could also get your mom to buy you a lollipop phone. :3 hihi...

  12. oooicic~~ :O touch screen is so fragile too~~ :x if so, then aino is the best choice!! :D mine is also SE but the ancient one~~ X3 and mine also sliding phone and its so nice!! X3

    congrats. lisa!! \^o^/

  13. haha! ICE CREAM AND LOLLIPOP PHONE will be so awesome if someone will invent it! ^^

    And that phone, that's a cool phone i think :)

    GOGOGO! ♥

  14. You won't regret using SE, I'm using SE right now and I've never faced any problem with it! Although I like LG lollipop too :D congrats anyway XD

  15. I see. You need wi-fi so much? It's better to use a laptop. Yeah love LG's design, my friend use it and I can't stop staring at it!

  16. You should buy Aino! It's so cool!

  17. if i were you, I'd go for that phone! :)) but i think I'll also like a more kawaii cphone :)))

    that cp is very useful :D

  18. aah i see. well aino is great anyway, but i don't like big phones, that's why i fancy lollipop more, kekeke.


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