School days are getting even more and more boring to me :059: feels like sleeping whenever i'm having Ms yzelman's class. :222:

Went to Sembawang Shopping Centre :178: with my friend today, bought a pair of scissors, staplers and tapes :162: :162: as i'll be decorating my korean chalkboard soon :015: :175:
(probably after my mid year exam that is starting next two weeks :210: )

so anyway, my friend bought this Shin Chan biscuit that's really nice :234: :013:
if you don't know what does it look like, it looks like this :116:

the one that shin chan is eating :234::234: except the shape of the star is in brown :042:

i took a picture of it :179: because the box is really cute :195: :195:

but it's kind of expensive for a small box that costs SG $2 :065: or maybe it wasn't enough for me, hehe... :145:
Had a box of Takoyaki too :234: i love chicken ham flavour :158::158::158:

i wish i had brought more money there :091: because the items there are just too cute :211: :211:
anyway, thanks to those people :217: :218: who offered to buy for me things in pet society :205: i'm so addicted to it now :100: :100: :100:
and to those who needs me to send you free gifts offered by pet society, just tell me :162::162:

i will blog again :234: see you :011:
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  1. haha lisa, i got shinchan biscuit too, so cute right ><

  2. TAKOYAKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AR!!!!!!

  3. OMG THAT BISCUIT BOX'S SUPER CUTE and it's look yummy P: and I love takoyaki as welllll D; huaa your post make me hungry >.<

  4. yeah school made me crazy as well -_-

  5. Ah what a cute box!! XD
    Does the biscuits taste good??
    And whats a korean chalkboard? hehe I'm curious ^^

  6. hey! the shin chan biscuit srsly looks cute! is it nice to eat? haha, nvr try before ...

  7. I love the shin chan biscuit. the taste really good. but it's expensive. Malaysia sold one box about 5 dollars. :( It had been a long time I didn't eat shin chan biscuit. felt like have it now. hehe

  8. I Love Shin chan!!!LOL btw~~ the biscuit look yummy,,need to try it! hehe
    **Great time Lisa!!^^

  9. Hi there! thanks for dropping by my blog!! :D Wow those biscuits look soo yummy!!! The size looks like a Hello Panda size. hehehe

    Wow Takooyakkii yummy! Man your blog just made me really hungry XD


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