I am finally free from suffering~~:094::094:

I was sick for the past 5 days with fever and headache but i'm okay now:092: :005:
i'm only having slight cough :035: :153: *still coughing while typing this :154:
many things had happened but i don't really have a chance to update :153:

i have finally finished watching Hana kimi :096: like i said i want to re-watch it :210: but i don't like the ending at all:092:
but the last episode was really funny :046:

I will blog next time because i forgot what i wanted to blog :054:
gotta reply those tags and comments now, boayo:094: :175:
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  1. You was sick? Oops I was thinkin that you was on HIATUS ^^"

  2. Relax and you'll recover faster! You seem a little frustrated to me. Just take your time and once you find the time you come back and update us with the latest :)

  3. U okie now? I feel bad that u been sick and im worried. I remember the pain of having headache and it hurt so bad. But im happy u tag me^^ and knowing that u update ur blog although ur having a cough. Plz take gud care of ur health sis, okie?^^

    <3 Katie

  4. Good thing you're feeling well now. :)

  5. welcmed back with a new post after MYE papers :)

    Hip hip horays and its time for you to relax yrself frm the stressfull days u had <33

    OMG,it hearts me when reading yr post that u are sick for five days and hope that u are feeling better nw and remember to drink more water & take extra care of yr health due to the hot weather till june ^^

    will be waiting patiently for your next post lisa :)

  6. good to hear you'r doin' well now. :))

    God bless xoxo

  7. Lisa! Take care of yourself kay! Now I understand why you didn't update on Sunday. :) -Gives cough medicine- :P

  8. im glad 2 hear ur quite ok..
    i hope u'll slight cough will be gone soon xD

    me too...
    i dnt lyk the ending of hana kmi..bt its quite cute,..ahaha
    i hope der will be season 2..

    anyway gt a new post too hope u can comment..

    take cre olwiez lisa ^^

  9. lisaaa--

    glad your feeling better~! ^^
    looking forward to your updates

    STAY HEALTHY =) xx

  10. good to know ur feeling better now :)

  11. yey! so happy that you're fine now :D

  12. Take Care, Lisa!
    Get Well Soon! =))

  13. hahas! glad to hear that you are feeling better! yeah ~ the smileys are kawaii ~ ^o^

  14. Aww well at least you're feelin better now.get well soon :) Don't forget to take your meds :P


  15. sorry to hear u were sick~lisa :(
    wish u'll get better soon^^

  16. Eep, glad you got well Lisa! :D

  17. good that you're fine! Oh my so sorry that I had been inactive!

    Hana Kimi's ending is a little err...Before I was a big fan of that series that we petitioned for a second season, but it never happened TT^TT

  18. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF SIS! ^^ jia you~!

  19. Good to know that you're okay now. (:


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