Bonamana ★

Singapore's weather is so hot now :159: , and my school had this 2 really huge fan
in the hall but it still feels stuffy inside :209:

every time i look at the huge fan, i will always imagine it falling and that really gonna hurt a lot :040: he he sorry i just love to DREAM. :208:

and about my cough, i think i'm well now :044: it's just that i can't help it but i can't stop buying tidbits:094::094::094: :243:
that's why i may look like i've stopped coughing :210: but the next moment, i'm coughing like mad again. :059:

Got back my Mid year results :175: and all i can say is, i'm so so super disappointed with my biology:092::092:
i was sick that day so my mind wasn't really ermmmm... how should i say this..
when i got back the paper, i realized i left a lot of blanks and careless mistakes. :060:

and some of the questions, i don't even know it's there:094::094:
i think i was really tired that i did not see it. :237: :153:
i really feel so disappointed... but it's over now, i'll try harder next time :005:

Current addicted song: Bonamana by super junior ★

i have a cousin that really love super junior. :216:
and i think for me, kyuhyun :096: is the cutest:094: :100: :100: :100:

Till next time, Bye:094: :001:
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  1. Philippines weather is hotter than yours if u only knew we're experiencing El Niño=(

    Btw u also like Bonamana? So it means ur a suju fan too^^

  2. wow...a lot of people are liking Bonamana.. my friends are talking about it since like, forever.. and they decided to dance to that song for their Beijing trip performance :D

  3. yeahh... the dance steps really are cool.. but my friends are finding it difficult for some of the steps xD

  4. Hey Lisa, cheers about the paper! (:
    yeap, the weather here also hot but this morning was raining heavily #-.-

  5. It's also very hot in here~ =.= *sweating heavily* Air-conditoners won't do either... ughh, it's so humid! kekeke <^^

    I agree! Bonamana is also my current LSS~! it's really catchy :)

  6. waaaaaaaa it's hotter here in the Philippines sis..Some people can have heat stroke here arrghh..

    don't be disappointed, coz u tried ur best..and every1 of us are sometimes careless :)

  7. Agree with you.. And fans are eventually going to be malfunctioned oneday but i dun think it will drop, unless people cut the wires:(

  8. it's pretty much hotter here in Phils. oh my :) take care!

  9. Hey! I tend to eat tibits too! even though i have ulcer ~ Hahas! Anw, jia you for ur exams, girl! i love the Bonamana song by SJ too! catchy! xD

  10. ...here is super hot too:( i'm dying to become KFC chicken now! lol
    **n don't worry lisa,,those fans won't fall down easily..in case, u disturb it~hahaha

    *Fighting! mistake is just a way to be correct^^

  11. Oh geez. Same at the Philippines. It's really hot here as as well. -_-

  12. BONAMANA won no.1 on their first week~ means that Bonamana's popularity is really all over the world again 8D you should listen to 'Boom Boom' and 'My All Is In You' of SuJu, I love those songs! hahaha xD

    Look at how Super Junior make me comment this long for the first time LOL

    KYUHYUN IS MINE hahaha joking :D

  13. OMG! I love Bonamana too :) The song`s so catchy :)


  14. Haha I also always imagine fans falling down, but I imagine them in the classroom. And I imagine lights falling down too. O:
    And don't worry, yes you can try harder next time for your exams. I always have careless mistakes too. ):

  15. YAY! BONAMANA is my daily energy pills!! Super addicted to it.
    oh, do take lots of care, lately there's been many people falling sick.

  16. Haha Kyuhyun is cutee~! <33
    [[*In love ♥.♥*]]

  17. OMG,kyuhyunnnnn...
    He is so cute.

  18. looks like Super Junior is even hotter than Summer!:)

  19. Currently into Bonamana too... =))))

  20. Same with Malaysia. It's kinda very hot during morning till evening. It's only raining at night only. You should take good care of yourself.

    About your biology paper, just don't be disappointed. You can try again later. ^^ I'm also not good enough on it.

  21. I love their choreography for this song.. =)))

  22. Hahaha, yeah! Cant stop listening to that song! xD Well, no preference of tibits, but currently addicted to kit kat! Whats urs?

  23. i also like kyuhyun the maknae XD XD
    that song is stuck in my head since it was release T-T

  24. ooh. it's hotter here. Everytime I finished my bath its like I want to take a shower again. my sweat just came up even I don't do any heavy things. tsk! btw, care to link ex ?

  25. dahaha i love bonamana too~!! <3


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