Holiday trash #1 ★ secret drawer

i'm still rotting at home... i don't know what to do!
i want to go out but i'm broke now so i'll just stay at home T_T

but i do get allowance during this june holidays because i helped my mum
to do housework! :P
i've never liked doing housework... it's so tough and tiring..

but i have to do it anyway....... (since i'm on an important money saving mission, teehee!)

anyway, when i'm bored at home, i tend to open my *so called* secret drawer..
i usually put important or memorable things inside.
i have books and letters that are around 8 to 10 years old.. i never bear to throw them away.. ^_^

let me show you this!

a letter from my best cyberfriend

hehe, it's a birthday letter from my best cyberfriend, Amelia!
she's my very first cyberfriend btw, i've known her for around 3 years
and she's awesome! \m/

i even found a picture of my primary school crush :P
i told him to give me when i was in primary school, hehe..
i didn't throw it away since it's memorable.. so it's still in my secret drawer. ^_~

oh and one more thing! yesterday i was bored so i played around with my earpiece and guess what??

i broke it ._.
so one side of my earpiece cannot be heard.. =A=
hehe clumsy me...
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  1. i just passed by and kewl! u got a new layout :P
    heheh..it's very simple but N-I-C-E!!
    oh and u removed ur smileys ^____^
    no worries, ur post is still interesting no matter what!

    ur secret drawer must be very interesting! hahah:D i suddenly wanna take a peek of it!
    3 years cyber-friend..omo~ that's seriously long!

    anyway, enjoy ur holiday unnie! muahSS!

  2. Wow you still have 8 to 10 year old books?!
    I'm twelve and I don't even know where they are now! I think I gave it away or something, I'm not sure..

    It's so nice that you have such good cyberfriends :)

    LOL my earpiece also broke. One side of my earpiece also cannot be heard LOL. I slept on it by mistake --'

  3. Hmmm what kind of housework do you do? Heehee, secret drawer huh? *winkwink* LOL.

  4. Wow cute! Secret drawer. ;)
    I wanna see the inside. XD

    I still have my bestfriends' letters to me when I was still in Elem. Even their letters when we're like 5 0r 6. Teeheee~

    Your cyberfriend is so sweet. ^^

    Take care!

  5. wow 8 to 10 years? cool BD
    aw, your earpiece is broke. why..

    *Your first cyberfriend is Amelia but sadly that i can't remember my first cyberfriend -.-

  6. I also wanna help your mum to do housework. My mum doesn't allow me to do, she scare I'll break her things. Hehe.
    Secret drawer, so cool. I wanna take a peek of it.

  7. I also had secret stuffs at home XDD
    something like my old baby socks, scratches, memorable things , even my baby pantiess XDD

    you.should.show.me.your.school.crush.picture.or.else XDD


  8. whoa same as you my vacation kinda bored though :/

    But next week I will going out with family *kekeke I hope I won't bored anymore >.<

    Btw nice letter from your cyberfriend ;D

  9. u know how to keep ur things wow! I praise u for that sis lisa. :) wow so sweet, I miss writing letters :) hehehe!


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