New simple layout.

Hey readers~

just changed my layout, what do you think?
it's suppose to be simple though. ^_^
i got tired of complicating html so i decided to use a simple layout.

while i was doing this layout, i suddenly have ideas for complicating layouts ._.
but nooo, i can't use those ideas for now!
maybe after i feel like having complicating layouts, i will change again :)

for now, i'll stick to this layout. :D (oh, and no more smileys as well...)
hopefully i can make posts interesting even without smileys :)
and thanks Jojo for helping me with the image title.

will try to update often.
continue to tag and comment! Have a nice day ahead ★
oh! and continue to to be supportive! hehehe.
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  1. Lisa!! nice new layout. it's look elegance :D but i still love your previous pink layout <33

  2. Hoho. Nice layout! (:
    hehes. your post is nice even without smileys (:

  3. awww! i love your layout ^^ its simple yet very cute

  4. I like your layout, Lisa! The cursor is very cuteee! C: You're so talented uh.
    And your posts are interesting even without smilies, hee! Update often kay. :D:D

  5. I like it. You definitely reached the simple point here. It looks so simple and personal.

  6. I think its simply wonderful!

  7. its so so a cute skin xD i really like it xD


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