i want longer hair ㅠㅠ

Holiday supplementary are finally over! :079:
it's officially the holidays right now:162: , but i'm only left with 2 weeks :085:

anyway... i want long hair so so bad~~:094::094:
i want it to reach my waist :002: then after that i'm gonna have a new hairstyle :048:
i was thinking of having wavy hair :096: this time round because i got tired of having straight hair :083:

i'm already having straight hair for 6 years. :082: i rebonded my hair when i was primary five. :153:
so i want wavy hair now:092::092: :081:

i was also thinking of having bangs :162: as i got tired of side fringe already :084:
went to google images :179: to find pictures to show my mum :216: (my mum is a hairdresser) :158:

so i've never ever stepped into a hair salon for a haircut before :035:

i like this hairstyle~~:094::094: :023:
so all i have to do now is wait till my hair reach my waist :047:

:133: :195: :133: :195: :133: :195:

requested a bee request from thechocogoodies :198:

can't wait for the rainbow version:094::094: :210:
do support amelia:092: :043:

have to stop spending money now. i'm saving money for 2 special people :195::195:
shall keep this as a mystery till the time comes :045:

stay tune:094: :200:

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question any questions ABOUT ME :052:
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  1. Hahas, thanks! (:
    the hairstyle looks nice & i seems to keep spending money too! :S somemore GSS is gg on. Haha! Anw, i think you made a typo error in ur post ...
    "my hair is a hairdresser". heh heh

  2. Hahas, yeah! So cool, ur mum is a hairdress ~ then u can cut the cost of gg to salon! Hahas! Anw, welcome! =))

  3. OMG I love that hairstyle >3<
    Wish my hair is like that, but my hair is damn short. I always trim my hair like.. every month? LOL my mum made me do it :P
    *sigh I wish my hair is longer* haha!

    I think you'll look good with that hairstyle :)

    Your mum is a hairdresser, so nice! Wish my mom can be capable of doing that, then it will be easier for me. Haha :)

  4. It's so cool that your mom is a hairdresser! I'm tired of straight hair too! :B

  5. COOL! Your mom is a hairdresser :> My hair right now is kinda wavy and I want to curl it! :>
    If ever you have a new haircut, post it here :>

  6. lisaa~!!

    this style will look so cute on you, you should do it~! =)

    I'm thinking of getting my bangs back too hehe. and dye blonde??!!

  7. wow what a nice hairstyle! :D haha. but won't you feel too hot if you have such long hair?? it's like you will always want to tie it up.. and then when you want to comb it you will take a long time xDD

  8. haha, i have a long hair when i am in primary school (year 6). miss my long2 hair -.-

    ouch* the bee is so cute. Amelia are talented xD

  9. Oh, I badly want long hair too! :S But I think hair reaching up to waist is too much. You'll look like a old lady if you do, believe me. ;)
    Cool mom you got, btw. :)

    ~ X EM http://supastardom.tumblr.com

  10. That hairstyle is really cute ^_^

  11. i thought it was u on the picture w/ a very kawaii hair!
    i'd love to have a hair just like that too♥
    but too bad..i just got my short hair...

  12. jiayous on growing it long!! XD.
    Why no online de D: .
    My hair so long but is hot TT . LOL.

  13. Me likes the hairstyle and I think it suits on you. hehe. I want to have bangs too but I look like betty la fea with it. Side bangs is only suited with me haha. Yays

  14. oh okays :D well maybe you should try to grow long hair then ^_^ it might look good on you :D

  15. i love the hairstyle and its color!!! i have a short hair now, I had a haircut yesterday. Tssk! Me tooo, I have to stop spending money..hmm I think that special people is really lucky huh sis? hehehe take care sis!

  16. Wow that long hair sure cool :O it's looks like a rocker xD AND GOOD LUCK FOR AMELIA! :D

    P.S: Happy Holiday Lisa ;D


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