Officially back to online life!!

Hi. okay let's do a better one... HELLO PEOPLE!!! :022:

omg, i know i'm away from blogging for like... HALF A YEAR. :034:
finally my computer is fixed :145: and my final exams are over, i'm officially back to my online life! I'm so happpy, i can't even.. :178::178::178:
as you see, i've changed my layout which took a total of 9 hours. :189: I finished it at 3am in the morning yesterday. :091: swore i almost gave up and thought i'll just come back next year. :084:

I have not touched HTML codes for so long, when i look at those codes i'm editing, i'm beginning to feel lazy... :031:
I miss so many bloggers...:199::200: but of course i still "secretly" visit some of you all :052: secretly as in i took a peak and i just sneak away without a tag... OK MY BAD. :219:

Thanks to those who did not removed my link, despite me being away and look like i'm never gonna be back :032: and to those who still visits my blog to leave a tag :158: and to those who clicks on my nuffnang ads :141: and to those who follow my blog :174: and...
Really, thank you all very much. :025:

so many things happened for the past few months while i'm away :217:
There's so many things to say but i don't know how to start... yet. *still thinking*
quite a few people knew i went to Thailand, i've got many pictures to share :162:
will update about that soon....
well for now, what i need to do is:

:228: start updating myself about new links, so many bloggers changed their link and i couldn't find them :056:
:229: finish up my profile section:145: soon because i can't decide on what else to put there... :059:
:230: get ready for blogger meet up day (something i'll blog about it soon.. but not now)
:231: i need a bag.... :070:
:232: get a life... my holidays are so boring that even when i face the computer, i have nothing to do... :195:

okay now, i shall go update myself on other people :178:
remember to click on my nuffnang ads and leave your footprints :188:
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  1. YAY! Finally you're back!!!!!!!! I've missed you sooo much!

    Merry Christmas! ♥

    X N

    I'm really glad to hear that you were back! \:D/

    Btw good luck for finishing your to do list :)

  3. Wonderful first post! I'll be looking forward to your following entries and pictures >o<

  4. Merry Christmas too lisa ♥♥ welcome back :)

    cute layout btw! ^^


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