Merry christmas 2010!


I don't really have the "feel" for this year's christmas, but at least it wasn't really that lonely like the previous years :141:
Recieved quite a number of xmas wishes from my close friends :178: through phone messages and on my facebook wall. :047:

and of course from my cyber friends! :023: sometimes i think cyber friends are truely awesome.. :048:
Thanks to those who invited me to their christmas parties and outings :159: even though i'm sorry i can't make it... :136: have been going lately so my mom was kinda... well you know :007:

oh anyway i'm back to Pet Society :188: but i'm not as addicted as before :046:
Gave my pet a new make over :145::145:

I find that overgrown strawberry :148: so super adorable :043:

:117: :117: :117:

A random picture i took at thailand :164:
Look a little weird because i just woke up :142: that donut was my breakfast... :154:

and i did not comb my hair......... :044:
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  1. MERRY CHRISTMAS LISA!!! well glad that you weren't really lonely like the last year :}

    Btw your pet is sooo cute♥ and like your random pic btw ;)

  2. Merry Christmas! I like the overgrown strawberry on your pet ^^ so cute!

    Ooh you look cute with your straight fringe :)

  3. We're the same. I didn't feel the "Christmas spirit" as well, but I guess it's not so bad at all. It just feels like a regular week (or day), right? Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy celebrating the coming of 2011. Happy New Year! *cheers*

  4. I love your Pet Society pet! Isn't she the most adorable thing in the world!?!?!? o(>w<)o

  5. Merry Belated Christmas! Sorry, didnt make a gift for you this time round ~ >.< anw, ur pet's so cute like you! hahahas! like the geek spects! :D

  6. merry xmas lisa!
    i love the pictures of you :3 ive been also meaning to tell you how cute your twitter picture is as well. hope you have a lovely week ahead of you <3 xoxo genie

  7. Merry Christmas! ikr late greeting. hihi. :))

    X N


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