Recent school days

Wanted to blog yesterday but there's something wrong with my smileys :033:
actually I wanted to blog long ago (like last week) but I'm busy. :136:

school was fine, great, for now. There's like homework every single day... but there isn't any today! :048:
I've been doing my homework every time there's one, a very good start for the year, hehehe. :141:
Got caught on the first and second day of school :083:. Luckily i wasn't sent home because of my hair :032:

but anyway, math is a killer :160: this year, I hope i won't die halfway :069:
(spotted a really cute relief teacher today, kekeke) :026:

My biology teacher have changed to another teacher that i don't really like. Was really sad about that :057:
considering biology as my favourite subject, of course I want my favourite biology teacher to teach me! :159: oh well...
by the way, yesterday a frog went missing in the biology lab and we had to go look for it :072:
it's medium sized and yellow in colour, my teacher said there's a possibility that it might be poisonous :065:

we still can't find it though... I think the frog jumped out of the window already :082:
Next week we'll probably be dissecting a sheep's or bull's eye :120: Don't even think i'll dare to touch it... :124:

Random pictures i took yesterday :162:

Candy canes that one of the school canteen auntie gave me. :178:

Drew this on my hand in class when I was bored. :091: (it's a cat!)

Bought this fan straight away when I saw it, it's so cute! :178::178::178:
and I really love pandas :090::145:

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  1. Biology is your favourite subject?! I hate Biology among the other subjects. Biology is more boring than History. T.T

  2. those candy cane looks yummy :P nver eaten one before xD

  3. a Panda Faaaan~~~!!! kya it's really cute! cuter than mine >_<

  4. This your blog is so cute! ;w;
    That cat what did you draw in your hand looks lovely!!

  5. cute photos!! I love all the photos you take XD
    Your panda fan is super kawaii ^o^

  6. oh my gosh, you're going to be disecting an eye? If I were you I'd rather fail the activity. xD

    YUM, I love candy canes.
    That fan and your drawing of a cat is so cute! :D

  7. Omg, what a cute post! I really adore all the pictures that you took and edit. <3 All of your entries are so interesting! Cute panda fan! About that frog, it's pretty scary. :s

  8. DO homework = (Y) girl :)D
    Yeah agree that maths is A KILLLLER.

    And anyway, LISA, all your pictures are just so clear and nice and cute! >< 1 Question: What's ur camera model?

    hehehehe the cat "tattoo" like cool and nice!!


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