My new year resolutions

OMG:092::093: school's opening tomorrow! I'm starting to feel the stress i'm gonna have this year :055:
and still, I have not bought my bag :084: (despite having enough money to buy already...) i'm just plain lazy to step out of the house :127:

:146: I should really stop being lazy :146:

I'm a little late but anyway, Happy New Year 2011! :159:
Went for countdown downstairs my house :164: and watched fireworks! It's so beautiful.. :145:

My new year's resolution
:228: stop being lazy... :141:
:229: SAVE MONEY. :145: stop spending so much on food :129:
:230: spend lesser time on the internet
:231: DO MY HOMEWORKS. I always submit my homeworks late... :078:
unless the teacher is so fierce i have no choice but to do it during class the next morning :158: (my homeworks rarely seen my house before...) get what i mean? :033:
:232: stop being late for school, i'm already in my school's discipline master's so called Common late comer list... HAHAHA :128:

okay no joke, he said if i'm always late he will not allow me to take my final exam :065:
this is so stupid....... :163::163::163:

Random picture i took at Bangkok airport :217:

How i wish these whole collection are mine :183: :188:

Gotta get ready for tomorrow! I have a feeling i'm gonna be caught about my attire by my teacher or vice principal... :031:
like seriously... what does our attire got to do with our school results anyway......? pfft... :077:
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  1. OMG The bears are sooooo cute! :D The drawing of the bear too! ^^

  2. Aww...those teddy bears are so cute!!! and WHAT THE!! same here sis!! Let's hello to Laziness again, but yeah..we need to change...

  3. I love all of the bears! the're so cute!!!!! ♥♥♥

  4. Your new year resolutions are almost identical to mine. haha. Although I don't try making ones now cuz they are never followed >.< LOL :P

    Anyway, those bears are just KAWAII~!!! Awww~ I love to have one now! ♥

  5. Aaah! The bears are totes cute! Haha!

    I've stopped making new years resolutions since I never end up doing them anyway. Good luck on yours!

    I absolutely love Khun as well! Haha!

    Dropping by Happy new year!

  6. Awww, the bears are so cute! Are they for sale or just for show? :)

  7. Visiting ~ The teddies are cute! :D

  8. your blog layout is so cute ^^ and i have to stop being lazy and do more revision XD I find college stressful too :(

    and cute photo ^^ happy new year!


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