Happy Valentines' Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES' DAY! :178::178::178:

wanted to blog yesterday but I didn't because I was too worried for my POA test :158: today that i don't even have the mood to do anything :069:
and I'm gonna have geography test tomorrow as well :137:

and not forgetting my exam starting this friday!! :070:
School is just draining my sleep and my energy...... :039:

:176: Pictures on Valentines' day :162:

My friend actually spelled "Valentine" wrongly, haha! How cute... :019:

The rest I'm lazy to take a picture of it :127:

by the way, caught a few people using colour codes from my blog :086:
I can obviously tell it's mine because I took the colour codes from my photoshop!
not only that, even my profile section are copied as well... :060:
Remove it. :141:

How weird it is when people can't even write their own profile..
Trying to be ME? oh come on... BE YOURSELF. :001:
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  1. Happy Vday Lisa! Hehe :3 And thanks for liking the panda plushie! I received it from someone i fall in love with right now! ///v///)/~♥

  2. Happy belated valentines day ^_^
    your blog is so cute :D XD!

    following you naoo :D

  3. happy valentine's day for the second greeting LISAAAAA~ :D


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