My first Ferrero Rocher rose!

Just finished eating a Ferrero Rocher that my friend gave me on valentines' Day :178: I like the wrapper a lot so I didn't bear to throw it away :004:

Since I do not bear to throw it away might as well I learn how to fold it into a rose hehe.. :139:
I've been wanting to learn how to do it!! It was really hard.. :039: and mine's a little out of shape bahhhhhhh :091:

Well.. It was my first try :026:
I really really really love roses and floral stuff :117: :095:

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  1. that is so cute!! its been a long time since i last ate ferrero T^T .. i like the wrappers too hahaa! when i was in highschool.. i kept all the ferrero wrappers inside a box.. =P

  2. omg the rose it super cute :D i wanna learn how to fold stuff like that now T^T but i'm too lazy XD

  3. The rose is super nice and cute. I hope I know how to fold it. :(

  4. fererro rocher is the best chocolate ever! i kept a wrapper of ferrero rocher in my scrapbook! ^^ lol i wish i could learn how to do that. very pretty!

  5. it's cute! kkk~ ^^ I wanna learn to creative folding too! Like hearts, roses, etc. :D

  6. Ferrerro Rochers are yum. I used to love them, but not now anymore since I lost all my interest towards Chocolates. Lol.

    Wow, that was nice. I didn't notice it was the Ferrero Rochers wrap the first time I saw the photo.

  7. I should seriously learn how to make this one. LOL! The one you did is so pretty. And it's just your first attempt ... awesome! You've got some Ferrero Rocher flower folding skills. HAHA!

  8. Cute Rose!!!! You did it beautifully <3

  9. kawaii ^ ^
    I love ferrero too yum yum

    good job on making the wrapper a flower

    nice !!!

  10. TOO cute! I must try to make one too now!


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