Short update!

The mini ice cream candy my cousin gave me :081:

My first tests are over! :001::145:
My math is getting better :141: but my biology was terrible.... :058:
포기하지 않을거야! 파이팅리사!!! :066:

Thanks for the increasing followers~ :025::178:
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  1. The ice cream is cute >.<

    I've never been good at biology. NEVER. :(

  2. im starting to crave for icecream. ;P

  3. You always took some good pics! You should make dArt account Lisa! ;P

    Congratulation with your math! :D Lately, my math is getting better as well ;d

    Wow! your Biology was terrible? SAME AGAIN! :O don't know why but my Biology test has gotten worse than before oTL

    *maybe because I hate to read... and kinda hard to remembering something... hmmm


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