I'm back!

Hello all! :023:

Sorry for the super long hiatus. :031: I decided to be away from blogging because...
:228: I have a boring life, so I have nothing to blog. :059:
:229: I'm lazy.. top reason heh.. :136:
:230: Busy with school. well.. not really busy though. Don't really have the time to blog.

But I'm back!! :021:
I just miss typing out my random stories and reply tags. :002:
Even though I'm away from blogging, I never stopped reading my alffiliates' blogs. :178:
I'll try to blog more now. :145:

Latest picture of me. :162:

Thank you and hello new followers!! :178::178::178:
click on my nuffnang ads if there's one okay?

P/S: To those who changed their blog links, tag me to relink you.
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  1. welcome. and nice picture you have there. cuteee :]

  2. Welcome back! ^^ And I love your hat <3 :D

  3. Isee。。。 It's hoodie >< I thought it's a winter hat :} So nice look like a snow white rabbit~♥

    It's Miào juān. About how to pronounce it, consult google translate here http://translate.google.com/#en|zh-CN|%E5%A6%99%E5%A8%9F and listen to it.

    Teehee :DD

  4. Haha great! ;D

    I am currently having mid exams for my first sem on uni. Been freakingly busy but I manage to relax at some moments.

    How about you? How's your day :}

  5. hahaha..i just also came back actually ..:D

    btw..i love what youre wearing!! pink! XD and cute!!

  6. Ehh thanks! It's a new day today, have a nice day to you~ :D

    Maybe I should start to practice to be confident, I can't be anyone for sure~ Thanks for the comment~! ;) ~chu

  7. Miss you too Lisaaaaaaaa!!!!! i'm so glad your back. I've missed you so <3

  8. Isee a~ Thank you Lisa for the words! :D I feel bit okay about me now~ ^^

    I feel like, enjoying myself more now :DD

    Thanks thanks~~ <3 *hug*

  9. Ai~ Thankewss dear :D ♥ Sure sure~ I am also here if you need something okays! ^^

    Hugs again~! I hope you enjoy your weekend ya :D

  10. Welcome back! It's been so long since your last post! :)

  11. your banner is sooo cuteee, thanks for visit me dear :)

    ♔ cominica beauty blog ♔

  12. Heehee :D

    Oh really? Do you cut your bang by yourself? :O Or you go to have your bangcut?

    It must be looked very cute on you~ ^^

  13. I don't mind~ Thanks, I'll link you back dear :*

  14. So Glad you're back! I missed your post<3

  15. Oh wow! :O Your mom is? That's great~ >_< I always envy my friends whose mum is a hairdresser. Their hair is envious you know? I know yours is also gorgeous as well :D

    I can't wait to see your newest pic soon! :)

    Btw, sorry for the late reply, I was rushing my last exam today. Glad it's finally done :D

  16. Hello Lisa! Welcome back. I miss your blog post, I miss you too. Blog more please. <3 Btw, love your hoodie and your pink phone. So cute!

  17. Hi! And welcome back to blogging! :D you look so cute in that photo! <3

  18. yay! about time lisa! :DDD welcome

  19. Well Welcome~~~back LISA <3 !!!
    Miss uuu ! keep blogging~ m saying this to myself too lol

  20. OMG, I love rilakkuma so much!!!
    do u have fave shop for rilakkuma?


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