New skin!

Finally done with my simple layout. :145:
Actually before this it was wayyy more simple..
I decided to add in more colours since I kinda have a feeling that without colours I'll get bored of the layout faster. :078:

I'm still not really done with this layout yet. As you can see, my links section is missing.
I'm still thinking of a way to put my links so my layout won't look messy...

Decided to use small fonts for my links so it'll look neater. :139:

Got that plushie from my boyfriend :178: on Christmas~ Isn't it adorable hehehe.
Year 2012 is pretty okay for now. Hopefully it'll remain this nice.
I might not really blog a lot. It's the holidays now for me so I don't really have much stuff to update.
But I will if there is. :)

Submitted my course selections not long ago. Hopefully I'll get the course I want. :3
I really hate school.
And my birthday is coming soon!! Time really flies and I'm getting old. ;(

Alright I'll end here. I'll blog again if I want to hehehe.
ciaos ;)
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  1. Hi, I really like the layout. I love simple layout. :) Oohhh~ that's a really cute stufftoy. Your boyfriend is really nice. <3

  2. @ S H E N 【 ★ 】: Hey~ I can't go to your blogger profile~ Btw thanks! Hehehe yeah my boyfriend is the best! ^_^

  3. Helloo!! :D Love the new layie ^^
    By the way, I have suggestion for your link so it'll look tidy. You can make it drop-down menu so it'll look nice. I used to do that ;D
    And what's ur course selection btw? Good luck! :D

  4. That's so cute! Awwh haha (: I hope 2012 stays good as well, and your new layout is very nice ^_^ Have a lovely day, Lisa!

  5. Your welcome! :)

    I used to have it, I made it with this one. It was working. You can try it :D

  6. aw welc0me back sis t0 the bl0gging w0rld. anyway i like the t0y, s0 cute.

    anyway y0ur new layie is l0ok 0k t0 me and l0ok neat. w0nderful layie sis.

  7. Hey girl, wb!
    That plushie is adooorable ^^
    your boyfriend has taste haha

  8. Heehee! Anytime :D

    I see~ Good luck ya~^^ Beauty course is so much suitable for youu <3

  9. really cuutee and big plushie :D

  10. whoa so cute ^^ !!

    Feel free to join my camwhore contest:

  11. I think you have a good sense of art and beauty. It can be seen from how you designing your blogface =D~ Really. It can be seen from how everyone customised their pages~ :D Anyway, good luck for it~ ^^


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