Haters gonna hate.

I can't wink. I don't have double eyelids. I have no long eyelashes.
I don't have dimples. I don't have straight and pearly white teeth. I don't have fair and smooth skin.
I can't really smile properly. I don't have a nice body. I'm short. I'm skinny.
Imperfections. But that's what makes YOU.
Random much but that's me. :-)

Isn't it annoying that it's so hard to be original?
I mean... whatever you post that's original will be copied. Especially layouts.
I don't wanna say who though.
Who the hell cares. You're the one that's gonna be guilty. Look who's childish hoho.

Peace out :-)
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  1. Awww cute picca here Lisa~! ^O^ Oh I do agree how hard it is to be original but why bother to be someone else? What makes you look great is that originality~~! Cheers~ =D

    Re: If you like your course, I am sure you won't find it boring :D
    I like my major now, so I enjoy every single lesson I have, eventhough it's very very difficult!
    I am glad they support me as well :) Your parents support you too right ^^

  2. I totaly agree it´s so hard to be yourself. Everyone tells you who you should be and how to looks like. But such a cute picture of you ! :)


  3. What a lame copycat he/she is :\ I hope she can just go & jump off a bridge or something.

    Anyway, yeap I had sore throat during CNY but I'm all okay now! (^_^) And yes, I buy a lot of contact lenses because I love wearing it so much! :3

  4. who is copying you though? ignore the haters or ripper =]

  5. Embrace you inner, quirky you :)
    The photo is cutecute!



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