February!! ♥

February is finally here! I'm so excited ;)
9 more days to my birthday, 13 more days to valentines' day!

The reason why I really love February is because it's the month I'm on this earth and because it's the love month!!
I love looking at happy and loving couples. :-)
Chocolates. Hugs. Bouquet of flowers.

Time really flies. Soon I'll have to start school.
Tmr I will be going to the zoo with my bf It'll be our 4th month being together ;)
I wish I'll be happy on my favourite month! xx

eating the kinder surprise that bf gave me. yummmmmy~

Haha, told ya ;)
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  1. wooaahh!!! you're birthday is coming!!! :D :D

  2. Advance happy birthday! and I hope you'll enjoy your valentines' day with your love one...hihiihi...:D

  3. Yay for almost your birthday and Valentines day! Also congratz to your 4th month anniversary with your bf :)


  4. happy birthday t0 y0u in advance and als0 happy valentines day in advance to0 t0 y0u. eny0y 0n y0ur date with y0ur bf.

  5. Thank you Lisa ^_^

    I see ;( But being original is the most important one! I once was copied by someone, even blogger template which has so many ways to customise, also was copied. Haha~ But I tried not to care and went on as how I like my blog to be~ And I enjoy it ^_^

    Glad to hear that! ;D

    Re: Wow! I also love my birthmonth~ I guess everyone does right? ^^ 4 months with bf sounds sweet♥ Wish you the happiest ^_^

  6. Happy birthday to you Lisa chingu!! (*^^*) wish you all the best~ <3

  7. Lovely blog.


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