Thursday \m/

Life is still so boring. I wanna go shopping.
Gonna go out on thursday to have Ikea meatballs with boyfriend. xx
Is it really that good? Hmm...

blogsphere is getting boring don't ya think...?
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  1. lisa's got a boyfriend. who's that lucky guy ;)

  2. Haha! Just do your best^^
    Business thing is boring yeah I agree! But it has a very big advantages in the career world. But still, need the soul to be really into it~ Teehee~ ^^
    Just do your best on the course you like. In my place, computer science's future students are urged to go abroad (which I will also be like that as well) and my parents don't really agree, but this is what I like and they agreed :}

  3. I want to shop too but I have to save money, since I went overboard last month =w=

    I have no idea how the Ikea meatballs taste like, but I've heard they are famour and they are delicious :)


  4. Whoaa you got a boyfriend?! yahooo!! who is the lucky guy? :D I hope you will share some photo ;P

    btw, love your simple skin :3

  5. haha ikea meatballs are so famous, never even tried them. Have only bought their hot dogs and coke before. :B

    "blogsphere is getting boring don't ya think...?"
    I agree. I wonder if I could stay blogging until, at least, the end of this year...


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