Bad habit

I really wanna learn how to bake.
Every time I see people that are able to bake something I just wanna know how too ;(
I love how you're able to decorate them and make them so pretty!
I love cute and pretty stuff.
It'll be nice to make them for people you love or maybe spend some quality time baking together!

I love looking at cupcakes whenever I walk past any shops that sell cupcakes.
They're too pretty *-*

I'll learn how to one day x

Have been spending too much money and I really hate it when I spend so much.
Even though I'm skinny, I LOVE TO EAT. I can crave for so many stuff once I'm in the mood for food.
During that period I have this habit of buying so much food when I'm hungry and ended up not finishing them.
or I'll get hungry every hour so I have to keep spending money on food.


I have so many things I wanna buy and it really sucks not being able to have them.
I hate not being able to get things I want. spoiled kid but seriously I hate that feeling.
I will try to control from now.

sometimes I feel that it's so unfair..
I don't get how people are able to lie to their love ones..
I just can't bear to lie because if I lie to them I will feel so super guilty.
I wish someone can feel the same way as me and not bear to lie to me..

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