Day 204 of 366



Saw this cute lollipop at 7-11 when me and my boyfriend were buying our cup noodles and slurpee drink.
Bf tricked me that he wanted to buy cheese fries and told me to wait for him while I was eating my tom yum cup noodle haha.
He came back empty-handed and I was disappointed that he didn't get cheese fries!
But after he gave me this rose lollipop so I was too happy to care about the fries hehe.
After that we went to buy our cheese fries together. It was so yummy ;*

It's monday tomorrow! I don't feel like going to school.. too tired to deal with all this stupid school stuff.
I'm only excited for school because I want time to fly faster and have my holidays again!
I don't even have any interest in learning. Just a few more weeks and after this week I can stop being nervous for cmb!

This time.. it will be different..
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  1. You have such a cute bf! That lollipop is so lovely :)


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