Boring monday

First day of school today was okay but extremely boring.
My new bze teacher was horrible. Her voice was really loud and she kept losing her voice haha.
2 hours of bze is torturing enough and now because of the new time table I have to maintain for 3 hours.

so now every monday I will have 3 hours of bze I wonder how am I gonna take it.
Not because the lesson will be too boring to maintain but because I'll be really hungry.
My thoughts in school are always about food. While others are thinking about their future and stuff like that I'm actually think about my next meal haha oops.

oh and I had p.e can you believe it.
actually I was forced to play stupid netball yuck I hate ball games. We had to play with another class dafug.
When it was my group everyone laughed because that's how we turn a challenging game to a joke hahaha.
But it wasn't that mocking kind of laugh. I mean.. we were seriously not serious about it and was just having fun lmao.
Everyone liked our group the most because we're cool like that.

Rewarded myself with my favourite mocha frappe from mcdonalds after surviving a boring monday.
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