w o n d e r

Love removing dirt in nose pores. Feeling clean x

Gonna buy fbt shorts for p.e lessons because I dislike school shorts.
Everything is going well in my life for now and I'm wondering how long will it last.

Sometimes I don't like the feeling of being happy because I know that when you're finally happy, something bad will happen to ruin it.
Feeling so nervous for next thursday. I hate having those presentations because I hate having eye contact with people for long.
Eye contact makes me nervous, makes me feel awkward and insecure, so sometimes I'll look at the floor or walls when I'm talking to someone instead of their eyes haha.

I'm so nervous!!!! :(

The reason for breaking up in a relationship because of time is really a very bad reason.
I never ever want a relationship to end because of time. But the feeling of growing further apart is not a nice feeling at all.
Even though I can understand everything, I will still get upset over time issues. I tend to over think.
Maybe it's because of lack of trust, or maybe because of me.
All I know is I hate not having enough time with people I love. I hate distance.
Are you missing me, like I'm missing you?
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