Busy days ahead

uploaded this on my Instagram but gonna blog about it anyway.
After having my lunch with my cliques at Bishan Junction 8 I saw this dust plug which is sooo pretty!!
It's blinged! I love blinged stuff! And most importantly it's in pink omg! Mega love.

My phone cover is korilakkuma and now it look like a princess with that plug on it.
Gonna change my phone screen soon. Too many scratches and air bubbles.

Been reading some blogger's blog with good fashion sense and I realise my closet has really less clothes.
Will start spending money on a lot of stuff! There's so many things I can't buy for certain reasons.
Just a few more days it'll be my friend's birthday and in around a month it'll be me and my boyfriend's first anniversary together! 
How time flies.

Picture taken with my cute friend Vanessa and her sweet boyfriend Yong Kang in school!
Nowadays whenever I take pictures of myself smiling I will look so fat!!! :( my face is getting rounder and this is so not cool. Even my sister thinks so too! Time for a DIET!!
nah I'm too skinny ;( My body just won't become fatter. Can't I have a nice body sigh. INSECURE.

Love this picture! Look so dreamy! Just like a unicorn aka me. Hahaha! Just kidding but my friends call me a unicorn because of my twitter username and because I love unicorns.
Hmm and I like it ;)

Glad that I've finished my oral presentation and my bze article analysis. My ofa exams are coming next week and in another few more weeks time it'll be both my poa and bze exams. Busy days ahead!

Things just ain't the same anymore. There's just so many things to think about.
They keep me up at night. I even think about them first thing in the morning.
I know very clearly that all these things won't last. But what's the reason for me to keep hoping?
I just can't stop hoping everything will last. Hoping everything changes in a good way and stays.
I don't really feel happy anymore. Things that once make me feel happy no longer do that anymore.
Maybe one day I will no longer be who I am..
I feel like a different person... I'm slowly changing.. each day...

Sometimes I really wonder... who can deal with the real me?
Who can love... the real me...?
Am I worthless..?
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  1. whoa you're using Samsung? :O I heard that Samsung technology is pretty awesome lately :O and it defeats iPhone/Apple, because Samsung maker collaborate with Google maker. Samsung camera's pretty good too! Anyway cute phone cover! ;O it's pretty hard for me to find a cute cover like that in Indonesia xD well... for my phone though (BlackBerry Storm 3) ._.

    Whoa! don't forget to post about your first anniversary with your boyfriend, okay? :D I hope you will have a good time together.

    Nahhh your smiling face makes you look cute, Lisa! ;) you should smile more, my friend :D

    RE: Glad that you're blogging again, Lisa! :D I hope you will stick around in blog world more often :D

    You're a good cyber friend too! <333 I'm so glad that I met you :)


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