Good hair day

My exams are coming!! But I think I'm okay with my revision for bze.
I'm really sick of studying.

Bought these cute bracelets yesterday. Really love the sound of the dangling cute stuff knocking into each other.
I bought the black with cross at first but then I realise it was too plain looking with one so I bought another 3.
And the happy thing about these bracelets is it won't make my arm look extra skinny!!! So happy :-)

It's my good hair day today! Whenever I'm having a bad hair day I will take many pictures of myself teehee.
Sadly no one went out with me on this beautiful day.
Most of the pictures of myself today are without my face because..

I look better without my face. THIS IS SO SAD.

Day 5, everything seems to get better.
Pictures of you, pictures of me, pictures of both of us still on my phone.
Even though I wish for a change, even though I wish for time to turn back,
even though I wish things will get better, even though I'm still in pain,
even though it hurts to hear friends asking about you...

I will still smile like nothing's wrong.
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  1. 300th follower! :D
    love your bracelets.
    don't be so insecure about your skinny arms ><
    you're prefect the way you are, honestly!! :)

    btw, stay strong<3


  2. Of course I do and always remember you Lisa :) Those are cute bracelets. Keep smiling, it will get better soon. <3

  3. oh goodluck on your exam sweetie. and don't push yourself to study. always have a break. i love your bracelets.

  4. Hello Lisa! Still remember you of course :>
    Loving the bracelets you have. I never wear arm accessories though because my skinny arms never look proportional to my fat tummy >:\

    And cheer up! <3

    Waiting for the happy posts in the future :D

  5. Cute post! I like your new bracelets! And I think you look better with your face dear. :)

  6. Yes I'm from the Philippines. :3 Aww really? Thank you but I'm pure Filipino. :3 That's really sweet of you hun! Thank you!! xoxo~ You are pretty. :)

  7. @rh0ze: hehe thank you ^^ sorry I couldn't comment on your site because your link is invalid.

  8. You too dear! Btw, where you from?

    Really looking forward to your next post! :3

  9. OIC. :)) Okay then. Hope you had a good day! xoxo

  10. omg lisa it's been soooooo long! I hope you still remember me :3 (well I'm not surprised if you don't though)

    I love the bracelets! I have skinny arms too. Sad because all the pretty bracelets are way too big for me :( They slip as soon as I swing my hand.

  11. i always have a difficult time finding a bracelet for myself too because of my skinny arm :p

    PS// You will be fine babe! ♥♥ Everything's gonna be alright soon and IT'S OK if you feel sad and heartache for now, i understand too! :x Go out w friends and keep yourself occupied w stuffs it might help! :)

    Let's hang out again soon!! ;) ♥

  12. aww. cute bracelets you have there, i used to make one last last summer. :)) got lazy so laa.

    nice hair. :))

  13. i once have an iphone case like yours ^^ only mine is color black


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