That's my skinny arm, one of my insecurities and part of my body that I dislike.
Many girls think that being skinny makes you happy but hell no if you have arms like mine :(

I hate it because I can't wear bracelets or watches because it'll make my arm/wrist look SMALLER!
or they'll slip out of my hand. I love bracelets! I love accessories.
But sadly it's hard to find those that look nice on me.

Day two, no improvement. Heartaches.
Feeling worse than before because I realise that this is harder than I thought.
I gave up cause I still miss you so.
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  1. Girl, it's so hard to have big arms too. Watches and bracelets don't fit. Ugh, teenage insecurities suck.

  2. same here . arms so small people can break our arms just by staring .

  3. I have the same issue. Skinny arms, skinny legs and very short >_< Don't worry dear, as you get older you'll learn to embrace and work with what you have. Cheer up Lisa <3


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