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Finished my ofa exam today! Managed to finish my paper and everything went pretty well.

Yesterday's outfit of the day to celebrate National Day.
Bf bought this top for me, love it!

Dinner at Astons today.

Been taking a lot of pictures like my food, what I'm doing and outfit of the day because of Instagram!
And I really love editing pictures! Pictures edited using my boyfriend's Ipad.

My face is mega dry and rough right now. Really need to save money to buy moisturiser for my face real soon. Been spending so much money this month on things I need/want instead of food!
And.... I LOVE it.
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  1. That top really is nice! I love your hair it´s so long ! And you look beautiful in that pic :)

  2. oh i love this blog, ur so cute :)

  3. thanks for your lovely comment :)


  4. i'm loving the first picture!
    cute outfit^^


  5. WHOA your boyfriend bought you an outfit? that's so sweet of him :3 and your dinner with him looked nice, I guess you're having lots of fun recently? :3

    whoa your boyfriend's using iPhone? :O

    nice photo that you had in Instagram Lisa! maybe I should join Instagram too xD

    RE: well you're right about that :O hahaha I love playing some games using my dad's iPhone though xD


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