Ikea with baby boy

Finally get to go to Ikea again with boyfriend ♥
Went to look around at the furnitures there and it makes me feel like having my own house soon!
It'll be such a nice feeling to have your own house with someone you love. :-)

oh yeah another reason why we went to Ikea was because of the food there hehehe.
Had Ikea meatballs and chicken wings!
I'm starting to love the meatballs! So yummy ;)

Pictures of me and yummy meatballs 

My new pink earrings. :-)

Took many pictures with boyfriend today ♥
He don't really like taking pictures but I'm gonna force him to because I wanna make a scrapbook of us together soon!!! ;)
So I need more pictures of us in order to make one. I can't wait!! ;)

uploaded the last picture on my Instagram
Today is another happy day!! If only everyday is like this.. :D

"When you truly love someone, their looks are no longer important and everything they do are attractive to you... ♥"

oh and this boyfriend of mine actually went to find horror games to download so that he can play with me.
I doubt I'll be able to play WITH him since I'll be HIDING behind him instead.
I mean.. I only like watching people play. :P
The other time I tried to play with my sister I didn't even dare to control the mouse. Hahahaaaaaa.

But I think I wanna give it a try ^.^
It's so cute when he said "I'll protect you."
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  1. Hmm not really! Abt $22! :)

    Haha i like it too~ AND OMG I LOVE IKEA MEATBALLSSS <3 :D & you look so sweet w your bf! :)

  2. lovely pictures <3
    looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

  3. Yay! You and your boyfie look cute together. :3 Glad you had a good day. :3 xoxo That chicken wings look yummy btw. :D

  4. RE: Mean Girls is way better than MG2.

  5. you and boy friends are so cute hahaha
    true to the statement "it'll be such a nice feeling
    to have your own house with someone you love"
    hahaha, hope in the future you and your boyfriend
    can have it soon :)

  6. 0h h0w sweet, i'm jeal0us, yummy f0od, tsup tsup tsup i fell hungry n0w, l0l.

    y0ur b0yfriend is cute and tw0 0f y0u is s0 cute in the picture. Always l0ve y0ur b0yfriend sis :)

    g0t ne bl0g p0st t0o, please leave a c0mment there New Bl0g Post, thanks a l0t :)


  7. fried chicken wings, thats my fave. :D haha. yer planning to make a scrap book ? well you do need lots of pictures.

    you two look cute together. ;))

  8. Those photos are lovely!! <3 Hoping happy days of you and bf!
    The meatballs also look so delishhh :D man makes me hungry hahaha.

    Re::Yep it's really nice!! <3
    I bet you have huge collections of bracelet now is it?? :D

    Maybe you can try darker colour? Like maroon-brown, dark purple, black? I often use black nail polish it makes skin fairer, really! ^^

    You're not tanned nahhh just normal :P I swim alot lately I'm getting tanned as well hahah but it's healthier skin so I don't mind ^^

  9. w0w f0od trip with b0yfriend, h0w sweet, l0l. sweet mem0ries with y0ur b0yfriend and als0 sweet b0nding huh. keep up the g0od relati0nship with y0ur b0yfriend and always l0ve him.


  10. omg yay to the cutest couple ever!

    I like watching people play too! 'The other time I tried to play with my sister I didn't even dare to control the mouse. Hahahaaaaaa.' story of my life, my brother asked for my help when he was playing silent hills but i was too chicken to do so :B

  11. Awww. you look so cute together :)
    Glad you had fun. Those foods look really yummy :)

  12. you two looks so adorable. we love horror too. but we usually watch horror movies. XD so lucky to have $$$$ for a new house @_@ im so jealous XD

  13. haha both of you look cute together!!


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