Friends or foe

Starting to get back on my social network sites.
Have not been using my twitter because it was kind of boring. Actually it's because it drains my phone battery which then leads to laziness lmao.
But I'm back on it already because I lost touch with so much stuff!!!

School today was... epic. Everything seems chaotic in just a day.
I'm starting to really hate studying again. No motivation to study and there's so much procrastination.
So much theory to study on and my brain is seriously packed.
I don't know what's wrong but I really can't seem to absorb anything much. STRESS. :(((

anw, picture spams taken today with Jo during my school break. ;)

To me, friends are really very important in my life.
You might have a large circle of friends, but there will be a few that you'll really wanna keep in touch with.

Ziyi, Shi hui, Sophia, Nana
Really important friends in my life that I don't ever want to lose. ♥ 

Fake friends all around, I can't wait to kick them out of my life hehehe. WICKED. ;)
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  1. heheeee thanks for the compliment :D and you're pretty ;) love your hair.

  2. Thank you commenting, Lisa. I've missed you, you know. How are you? Btw, I don't have any motivations to study as well. All I wanna do is procrastinate and that's it. I just hope I'll change.

    You look so cute and your friend la. c: You must be really close. ^^

  3. It's so ironic how the more there are school works to do, the more unmotivated students are.

    I don't think anyone can ever survive school without friends. Friends are the best :)

  4. haha. you need to have motivation, haha, cant absorb anything ? well, you should try harder. :PP

    nice pics. i like yer smile. :))) so jolly.

  5. awe you look cute your hair is so cute!

  6. Jiayou in your studies!! Hope you'll get motivated to do your work! :)

    Haha and i can't wait to kick out fake friends around me too hahaha!


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