comes and go like a wind

Back to blog again?? Haha i just can't keep blogging regularly now.
after blogging several times it kinda get boring because cyberworld is no longer that fun.
 I'll just blog as and when I want to since nobody really reads my blog anymore so yea. ^.^

I can't really decide whether should I cut my fringe or not...
Asked for opinions but got ignored/receive pointless replies instead. But since bf said he want me to leave it long so okay I'll try to haha.
Just wondering how am I gonna tie my hair since now i have long fringe?? hmm..

don't you just hate it when you're trying to be nice and start a topic with someone but they (pinpointing at someone actually) just reply like you owe them billion dollars or something.
like ew omg okay look who's not gonna try and talk to you anymore lol holla

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  1. i like long fringes!! i think you can just leave your fringe like that and don't tie them up ^__^


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