Trip to USS

omg first time ever I went to USS! :D
It was for a school project and yes we didn't have to pay by cash! So it's like free haha so excited!!!
Actually my boyfriend wanted to bring me to uss before but I think it's a waste of money because

1. tooooo expensive. (SG$74/adult I think) But since now it's paid by the school so of course I'm willing to go!
2. I don't play roller coaster rides

I'm so dead serious I don't dare to take roller coaster rides at all!
I hate the feeling of my heart ready to pop out IT SUCKS OMG.
I envy people that have the guts to ride them though because I bet it's gonna feel so YOLO! Hahaha

Anyway this post gonna be filled with picture spams!
My friends and I during the long bus ride! :-)

grumpy face picture because I ran out of face poses teehee

picture below is my favourite bus ride picture because it's taken with a DSLR by my classmate!
The rest were taken using my friend's Iphone haha

Us when we reached uss! :D

okay so there were like 7 zones at uss.
First stop: Madagascar!

Didn't take other pictures because I was too excited looking at everything!
So we started doing a list of tasks for our project but of course we spent some time taking random pictures!
My friends even wanted to queue for the roller coaster rides but I stopped them hahaha I WAS SCARED.

So yeah I started to take many pictures when we reached...

My favourite zone: Ancient Egypt!

Love all those big statues they look so cool!!

That lady looks so elegant! Acts like one too!

This tall guy tried to scare my friend while we're taking pictures with him that's why my friend looked a little scared hahahaha it was so funny!

We went to one of the shops in Ancient Egypt zone and took a few pictures with the stuff there.
They were really expensive so we can only take pictures :P

My arm look really skinny here right?? Hate it.. :(

Next! "Sci-Fi City".
Didn't really like this zone because I'm not a fan of robotic stuff.
But I really want the Transformer bumble bee water bottle! I think it looks cool but yeah...
too expensive so didn't get one.. T_T

This guy moves like a chameleon ewww
I was quite disgusted by the way he moves but it's USS right!? Nowhere else can see this so might as well take a picture haha!
He was making chameleon noises while taking this picture too omg..

Second favourite zone: NEW YORK!
omg this zone is full of Sesame Street stuff!! guess which is my favourite character on Sesame Street?

My friend spent SGD$5 for a medium size drink from this "Me Want Cookie!" cart haha!
She didn't want to spend money there because everything is so expensive but she was too thirsty!

cute bread and cakes display!

I don't know what are these.. Some kind of attraction but I didn't have the chance to go in!
Really wanna check it out though T__T

Guessed who's my favourite character from Sesame Street yet?
Cookie monster is sooooo cute! I wish I could get one cookie monster plush but it's so expensive!! ;(
Looking at them and not being able to get them makes me wanna cry...

so cute right!? T-T

A bigger cookie monster!

Cookie monster headband! so cuuuuteeee x

And the last stop: Hollywood!
Not many pictures because didn't really like here either hehe.
But I wanna try going in there as well! :(((

Actually pretty much that's all haha!
Was really tired after everything because we had to finish so many tasks given before we could play anything.
By the time we finished our project I had to meet my boyfriend.
I promised my boyfriend to spend my first uss trip with him so I didn't play all those rides or watched any shows from there. And that's why I didn't go in to those places I wanna try out!

I left uss real early without playing or watching anything so that I'll be able to enjoy them for the first time with my boyfriend the next time we go to uss TOGETHER! Really looking forward to it :D

Didn't get the chance to take pictures with some people in costumes too. :(

The next time I visit uss I'll take pictures with all of the characters!
Can't wait x
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  1. OMG, I envy you! I wanna go there too! Where is that again? I want to ask my dad if we can go as well. I badly want to go there!!! >< I love every place you went but it seems like everything is expensive. ><

  2. hehe thanks :) what type of dresses do you like? and do you have ask.fm? :)
    i never ride on a roller coaster, i scare i might fall off xD

  3. But I love riding those roller coasters :D It seemed fun. And yeah those kind of places are totally expensive >_> dropping by too! ^^

  4. Hwaa~~ so nice pikkis!!
    I went USS on Julyy and I rode almost everything except the Galatica because there's no time left fufu T^T sobsob.
    I'm the daredevil type though xDD
    Yep it's EXPENSIVE so I thought expensive then I must ride everything haha :PP
    So lucky you can enter for free ^^ heehee. Glad you had funn.

  5. Oh wowwww. Amazing pictures =w=
    I love amusement parks :) I wish I could have gone there too. /lol

    The Ancient Egypt and the transformer looks soooo awesome and realistic. ;)

  6. the very first time i rode on a roller coaster was when i was just 9 in Genting. It was pretty scary but my elder sis enjoyed it very much! I rode one in Everland and it was spinning 360 degrees i nearly fell down after i got out of it

  7. wow how lucky!

    the roller coasters are actually not that scary! i rode them like 3-4 times each haha i did get a headache after that though.. but it was fun c:


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