Toilet Candy! もこもこモコレット~

Time for a cute post yay!
The thing that I'll be blogging will be somewhat cute yet eeky but it's definitely CUTE to me.
I've been wanting it since I watched a video of it on Youtube!

Toilet Candy もこもこモコレット! 

I don't know why but I really find this toilet candy super interesting and wanted it since foreverrrr.
Found it somewhere in my country and bought it immediately hehe. It was only SGD 5.90!

As you can see there are 4 different colours for the toilet! I bought the pink one and I'm thinking of getting the white one as well since it'll look so cute and realistic.
If you purchase it online you will get the colour of the toilets randomly if I'm not wrong so I'm glad my country sells it!
You can even use the toilets for other uses like making it as a pot for your plants OMG WANT.
I will definitely do that if I have my own room omggg.

Picture instructions in Japan given at the back. I prefer watching Youtube videos though because I don't want to risk making mistakes and ruining everything.

Here's what the box contains! Parts of the toilet, a straw, stickers for you to decorate the toilet and 2 drink flavour powders. If I'm not wrong the red one is cola flavour (or plum..?) and the blue one is soda flavour.

So let's do this!

After assembling everything and decorating it with stickers this is how my pink mini toilet looks like!

HOW CUTE. I didn't pick the anime looking eyes because I think these will look so much cuter imo.

Pick your flavour and just pour it into the toilet's lid! I started off with the cola flavour first.

Tap gently to ensure all of the powder reaches the bottom.

Fill the lid of the toilet with water and pour it in!

Wait for a few seconds and WATCH THE MAGIC.

The mixture started foaming up LOL. It looks a little disgusting but still??? hehe.

Stick the straw in and drink! 

There wasn't much to drink though considering the amount of water that was required to pour into the toilet. It looked disgusting to try but honestly I think it tasted not bad!
My boyfriend and sister hated it though LOL. You're mostly drinking the foam instead of water but still there's quite a strong taste to it.

Have to say it was quite fun to play with hehe. The only bad thing about it was that there wasn't much to drink and while I was washing it I realize some of the powder were not dissolved completely and was stuck at the bottom. BUT IT WAS STILL FUN.

It was not bad I kinda like the cola flavour BUT THE SODA ONE WAS AWFUL.
I swear it tasted so awful! Told my boyfriend to try it first and he immediately reject it and abort the mission LOL. I didn't think it would taste so bad and thought he was just being exaggerating but hell nooooo it taste so yucky.
Tricked my sister to try it too and she spit everything out haha!

okay that is all everyone!

Thank you for reading and have a nice day! c:
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  1. This seems fun, but I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to drink from the loo haha. x

    find me on 9outoften.com

    The toilet is so cute lah ! hahahaa but it looks like it's overloaded with poop :P

  3. Oh very nice product~
    Btw Welcome!!

  4. This is so cute! I actually want to try it now but that's probably because I love all things kawaii haha I also love cola flavour so maybe I should buy one & try it out. It's so strange but cute!

  5. Hahaha so cuteee! And sounds so fun. Although it kind of freaked me out at first :P

  6. It seems it wasn't very yummy haha (^p^)
    Anyway, the pink toilet looks so cute!! (*´∀`*)

  7. First thing in my mind is that this is food. I never expect it to be slurped like that? Bummer that the taste is not as interesting, hope they improve the taste and I might consider tryin to buy this? I'm not a fan of soda and cola though, I hope they release another taste! XD


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