Trip to the zoo with bby

*Picture heavy*

Been such a long time since I last updated my blog!
Finally I've decided to start blogging and hopefully I won't stop and mia again. ;u;
Today I'll be blogging about my trip to the zoo on Thursday (02/04/14) yayyy!~ It'll mostly be pictures though! So enjoy the pictures of cute animals! c:

I really like how the signboard for directions look! 

Managed to take a picture of this cute thing eating! I actually stood there for awhile just to wait for it to eat LOL. Thought it'll be cute sooo.. c:

This elephant was actually picking up the sands and leaves on the ground and throwing them at himself lmao. It looked so super duper cute and happy I just want to walk over and touch it ;u;

Snapped another picture of animals eating LOL. Except this was trying to bite a leaf..? cuuuute.

Picture of me and the turtle statue c: IT'S TALLER THAN ME.

I don't know if the parrots were playing around or kissing but I'll take it as they're kissing and that's so cute??! Many people were surrounding it and spamming pictures lmao.

Baby rhinoooo! I wanted to take a clearer shot of it but it ran too fast and hid near its mommy ahhh.

FAV ANIMAL OF THE DAY. I just want to kidnap this puff ball and bring it back home as my pet OMG. It's so cute and fluffy crey crey crey ;u;

After that we saw a cart selling fruit slushies and decided to get one since we're thirsty anyway. The bottle look so cool that I brought it back home to reuse LOL.

Mango flavoured slushy yayyyy!

Bby too hehe. And yes that's my shoulder bag ;u;

Boyfriend's favourite animal hehe. They were staying still there which made them look kinda funny LOL.

Took another picture with animal statues again hehe. I've been wanting to take a picture like this with the seal statue since forever but didn't because there were too many people and I was too shy lmao. This time to the zoo there wasn't a lot of people so ayeeee.

Selfie while walking hehe.
After that we saw the prettiest view ever in the zoo omg.

Stayed there for awhile because the weather was really hot but right here there was shade and it was so cooling as efffff that I wanna stay there 5ever.

Wore the lashes that I newly bought it last week! Felt weird at first but now I love it c:

The bunnies looked so cute and soft omg. After that I saw a sink near the bunny area so I told my boyfriend that I think we're allowed to touch it and the next thing is..

HE TOUCHED IT. He said they were really soft but I didn't touch them in the end (even though tempted to) because I didn't want to wash my hands ;u; I was holding the camera and just felt too lazy lol.
Another reason for not touching it was because... I'm too short. I CAN'T REACH ANW. ;u;

Decided to end our trip after this!
There were other pictures of other animals and all but I only upload the ones that look nice hehe.

Waiting for the bus and bf checking how long will the bus take to reach us. We were so tired! (His face shows it all)

While he's checking I took a picture of our zoo tickets! c:

Finally on the bus!! So thankful for the cool and blasting aircon LOL.
So so so tired but we went to catch a movie after that haha! The movie was meh.. should have went back home ;u;

I have another post that I'll blog about it in like 2 days! It's gonna be a cute post so wait for it! c:
Thank you for reading! 
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  1. YAY you're finally back and blogging again!! :D And this was a really nice post to come back with :)

    I'm really tempted to go visit the zoo again after reading this. A trip to the zoo was the first official date my bf and I had which was like, more than a year ago. Haha! Really have to go back and take photos again since last time I didn't blog about it :D

    And I find it quite amusing that both our boyfriends have the same favourite animal, penguins! Haha! Last time I went to Jurong Bird Park with my family, I bought a penguin soft toy to give to my bf :P He loved it! Hahahaha.

    Looks like you had a great day btw! Those bunnies look soooo fluffyyyyy <3

  2. i love singapore zoo!! hahaha :D

    i like the bunnies :3 anyway my blog BLOG is this one lisa -

    http://24-ribs.blogspot.com :3


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