Fashion Haul!

I've been so busy with school and finally found some time to blog!
This month I've been online shopping a lot and decided to have a blog post on the items I bought recently. After this I'll have to avoid looking at clothes online because I've spent a bomb on these stuff.
I'm pretty much broke now sobs BUT WORTHHHH.

I've been into sailor looking clothes and fell in love with this the moment I saw the details at the bottom of this dress! I've never seen such dresses before and thought it was really unique and I'm soldddd.

Another sailor styled dress OMG. How cute is this! There's also another white version of this! This dress reached me already but I'm still finding a chance to go out so I can wear this dress! I've tried it on already and it was a little too short but it's fine with me though. Just need to pair it with short shorts!

I BOUGHT THE WHITE VERSION AS WELL. I just couldn't resist ahh! Initially I bought the navy one only but after a few days I saw the white version one again and I just thought might as well since they're both really cute and I just don't bear to let it go ;o; The collar of the white one is different as the navy one too anyway so yeah. c:

I'm also really into gingham/tartan clothes lately and bought this pretty dress! I've never tried any gingham clothes before so hopefully it'll look good on me! I actually hesitated for this because of the shoulder part so I hope it'll turn out fine!

I also bought a gingham skirt! One of my friends actually wore this skirt to school and I thought it looked really cute so I decided to get a similar one for myself hehe. Skirts are my favourite whenever I just want to be all comfy yet not too casual.

PINK GINGHAM. Love love love this so much! I wanted to get a skirt similar to this but the prices were really expensive for a skirt so I thought I'll just get the dress instead. Hopefully I'll find a cute skirt at a cheaper price one day!

Bought this 3 to match them together! I also need a blouse to match some of my clothes I'm so excited for it to reach me! I'm gonna look like a pastel baby hehe.

MANGA EYES. Saw this on tumblr and have been searching for it for ages!! I finally found it online OMG. Anime eyes are the prettiest so this is a must get for me!

Cute thigh highs which I'm still figuring out which clothes I'm gonna match it with. The weather here in Singapore is burning like crazy but I still bought it anyway in hopes it'll be sweater weather soon. I mean it's so adorable right?? All I'm short of now is cute thigh garters hehe.

Saw this on tumblr as well and when I chanced upon it the price of it was extremely pricey after adding the shipping fee so I decided to let it go ;o; but after seeing it on another website in such a cheaper price IT SHALL ME MINE. Ahhh it's so cute I'm dyinggg.

I AM ANTICIPATING THIS. There is also a pink version but I think the white one will be easier to match so I bought the white one instead. I love the tiny cute cat and cross prints omgggg so in love!! I can't wait for it to reach me I'm gonna die of happiness!!

and for the last item that I'm excited THE MOST...

IM. GONNA. CRY. This is freaking perfection!! I'm gonna wear this the whole time I swear like omg I love it so much okay I'm gonna love youuuuuu. Especially the word "doll" on it ahhh I NEED THISSS. and it's in pink omg *hyperventilates

Please just reach me already!

okay so that is all for my fashion haul! I admit I'm such a big spender when it comes to clothes (and food) but it's totally gonna be worth it because they're all so cute and so gonna make my closet look all pretty.
I threw away stacks of old clothes so getting new clothes is the perfect excuse.

I'll probably post pictures of me in these clothes when I received all of them and wear them out!
I also found more cute clothes which I can't buy yet since I'm broke now.. so I might post a "wants" blog post too if I have the time to!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Everything is super cute, especially the sailor dress and the manga eyes shirt. I've been searching where to buy that manga eyes shirt. Can you tell me where did you buy it? ^^

  2. Awww all your items are super cute! I really see your personal style as the kawaii and pastel type. So adorable! Can't wait to see how you wear these items once they reach you! :)

  3. Looks like your online shopping sprees did you well.

  4. Can't wait for your OOTD posts :D I went awww in each outfit~ It matches your personality very well <3

  5. All the things you bought are super cute and adorable ☆ヽ(∀`ヽ)(ノ´∀)ノ ♪
    I really like them!! It's great you could find that lovely bag cheaper on another web (*^^*)

  6. aww i love your haul specially the sailor dress so cute <3 Cant wait for your ootds post :)

    Visit my blog: www.sarahrizaga.blogspot.com

  7. Hey pretty! OMG, those clothes are super cute! I am sure they will all look nice on you!


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