Taobao package arrived!

Hello lovelies!
If you've read my previous post then you'll know that I bought a number of clothes online!
By online it includes sites like Taobao, eBay. 

The items that reached me already are the ones that I bought from Taobao!
The items came in a big bag like this when my boyfriend helped me to collect them c:

They were shipped on 22nd May and reached me on 31st May!

Most of the items were pink LOL. I won't be posting all of the items at once since I have not worn all of them yet! Will blog about the items once I wore them out and took a picture of it c:
So today I'll post about the shirt that I've worn for school yesterday!

Shirt: Taobao
Suspender Skirt: off-brand

This shirt alone was around $11! (without the shipping)
Suspender skirt for $10!

This shirt is so comfortable! It is in such a good quality stretchable.
It is also a little baggy and the length of the shirt reaches around my thigh. (I am around 153cm!)
Big enough for me to just wear a shirt and go to bed without the pants. Big clothes with no pants are the BEST sleepwear.

I've gotten so many compliments irl and on tumblr about this shirt and received tons and tons of messages asking me where I got it from, where do I shop.. etc etc.

Unfortunately, it was the last piece from the seller and so I didn't bother to bookmark the link.
For another reason, I also have the habit of deleting bookmarks of the links once I ordered them as when I do that I feel like I'm ticking off my wishlist! BEST FEELING EVER to watch my wishlist get shorter and shorter.
I didn't expect people to really be interested in my outfits either so.. ;n; I'm so sorry!

As for the suspender skirt, I bought it from shops in Singapore that are "OFF-BRAND".
However, similar suspender skirts as mine can also be found online such as Taobao, storenvy and eBay.
Just type "suspender skirt" in the search bar from those sites! c:

Most of the clothes that I bought are normally from off-brand shops, carts, shopping malls that are available in Singapore here.
If you're from Singapore, the malls that I normally shop at are Bugis, Orchard, Somerset.
As for online shops I will only shop at Taobao and eBay when I have enough extra money from my pocket money! I will also shop on blog shops on instagram~

This picture was taken in my dad's cab when he was sending me to school in the morning~
I've gotten so many notes for this picture omg thank you so much bbys!!
I hope this post helped you guys a little and if it doesn't feel free to message me again in the comments section for this post, my askfm, or tumblr!

Thank you for reading!
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  1. omgosh absolutely love the stuff you bought!
    so lovely and pink~

  2. I love everything you got so much oh my gosh ;A; The anime eyes shirt is too cute *u* Great haul!! Taobao is lovely~<3
    -Kiyomi xx

  3. awwww, I really like the shirt XD too bad it was the last one!! How do you tell about quality when looking at the taobao shops? What do you search to find such cute things? :D

  4. you're from Singapore?!
    ahaha I love shopping at orchard, bugis n somerset. Do you shop at SCAPE underground? They have some nice cheap clothes there sometimes XD
    Love your outfit~
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xx Charmaine

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  5. Cutest outfit!
    I`ve been trying to find that shirt but can`t seem to find it anywhere :< Do you remember what you typed in the taobao search ;A;


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