Review: Bunny Color Brown

I'm back with another circle lens review~
Today I'll be blogging about "Bunny Color Brown" kindly sponsored by Klenspop!

Klenspop is an online store that sells coloured contact lenses in different colours, diameters and brands! They also sell a wide range of korean cosmetic products from eyeliners, eyeshadows to lipgloss at affordable prices. You can also purchase some accessories from their store so don't forget to give this store a look!

The shop owner who responded to my emails were very friendly and took really fast to reply to my enquiries. The package took about coming close to 2 weeks to reach to me. Delivery timing varies depending on your location, you can check their delivery page to gauge the timings!

The packaging came in a really pretty box that was nicely bubble-wrapped! There are instructions on the back of the box and also a leaflet regarding information and steps on how to wear contact lenses! Very useful especially to those who are new to wearing circle lenses.

It also comes with a case for you to store your lenses and a tweezer! I love the tweezer they provided as I have long nails and this helps to avoid damaging my lenses while picking them! Extra hygiene as well!

Product Specification
Diameter: 14mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 12 months

Pictures taken near window for outdoor comparison!

Pictures taken in my room for indoor comparison!

Very very natural lenses I have so far! They even match my current hair colour haha.
Designs are simple and look almost like the close ups of an iris! It enhances brown eyes a lot and is exactly the color of my eyes as you can see from the shots taken near the window. This lenses look the most natural on brown eyes in my opinion.
(Think it'll look cuter if I drew with brown eyeliner instead)

No discomfort! Felt like nothing were on my eyes and the lens were pretty thin.

Since these lenses are only 14mm and there wasn't any bold outer ring on the lenses, the enlargement will be subtle. I think these lenses are suitable for those who just wants to naturally enhance their eyes by a little and not for those who wants a very obvious enlargement.
I would personally think this is very good for daily wear such as for school or work!

• very natural
• simple and blends in nicely
• comfortable
• light/thin
• suitable for daily wear

• subtle enlargement

Don't forget to check out Klenspop!
That's it for the review and thank you for reading! c:

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