Review: Bunny 3 Color Gray

Hello! c:
My exams are finally over and I managed to squeeze in some time today to post a review!
I just cut my hair shorter since long hair pulls my hair down and make them lose their volume hmm idk if it's a yay or nay that it's shorter now :c
I've dyed my hair darker also because I think I look better in dark hair~

anyway today I'll be posting a circle lens review "Bunny 3 Color Gray" kindly sponsored by Klenspop! I've blogged about them previously before, you can click here for other reviews of Klenspop~

The packaging came in a really pretty box that was nicely bubble-wrapped! There are instructions on the back of the box and also a leaflet regarding information and steps on how to wear contact lenses! Very useful especially to those who are new to wearing circle lenses.

It also comes with a case for you to store your lenses and a tweezer! I love the tweezer they provided as I have long nails and this helps to avoid damaging my lenses while picking them! Extra hygiene as well!

Product Specification
Diameter: 14.5mm
Graphic Diameter: 13.3mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Water Content: 38%
Lifespan: 6 months

Pictures taken near window for outdoor comparison!
(it was really bright that day urg)

I loooooove the colour so much! The grey is a little blue-ish in colour which gives off this cool icy effect. Even though the colour is light it manage to still be able to cover my brown eyes and make the whole look so natural since the design is so soft.
There are a few other colour tones mixed with it so it wouldn't just be one solid grey colour.
It is a little similar to "Bunny Color Brown" (review here) which looks like a close up of an iris but just that this is in the colour grey!

Pretty comfortable in my opinion! These lenses are only 14.5mm so if you're a beginner it'll be better to try lenses that are smaller in diameter before moving on to bigger ones as your eyes might not be used to it.
I'm used to it now so they feel like nothing on me but it varies from person to person.
(just a side note) c:

Enlargement is not very obvious as you can see! They're very very natural and even though it's 14.5mm, the design of the lenses are only 13.3mm!
If you're looking to slightly change your eye colour without enlarging them then this is it!
I thought I wouldn't be able to pull off lenses with smaller diameter in design but they still look good.

I really love them omg. I've always wanted grey lenses with those cool icy effect that you can obviously see the colour yet not too overpowering that makes you look unnatural.
Even though it might look a little pixelated, it'll look natural and blend together with your eyes after putting it on. I tried to put on as little make up as possible so it'll match with the soft look hehe.

• soft looking
• cover brown eyes really well
• mixed tone (gives off natural look!)
• comfortable
• soft lens
• suitable for daily wear

• not suitable for people who wants enlargement
• might not be obvious in certain lightings

Don't forget to check out Klenspop!
That's it for the review, hope you enjoyed reading~ I'll post the other one up soon c:
See ya~

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