Klenspop #PP1211 Glasses in Black Review

Hi friends~
Time flies and we've reached the last month of the year!!
I was really set on posting more posts but I have to juggle between classes and work so my schedule is really tight for now.
I'm only left with a few more months of school and I'll officially stop schooling omg. The thought of the future scares me a little.

Today I'll be posting a review on this glasses #PP1211 in the colour black that was kindly sponsored to me by Klenspop!
Klenspop is known for selling a wide variety of circle lenses but do navigate around as they also sell different range of products at really affordable prices! c:

On to the review~ 

A simple black glossy glasses to add extra detail to your overall outfit look! Especially on days when you don't really want to dress up too much yet don't want to appear too boring, you can always throw on a pair of glasses to jazz up your look a little.

Pretty comfortable as it sits on nicely. Comes with rubber nose grips so it has better grip compared to those without one which may slide down if there were sweat/oil during the day.
Some glasses might be a little slanted but there wasn't any issue for these as they sit on the table straight!

I have to point out that the glass were a little blurry so it might blur your vision a little. Not too much to feel really disturbed though. If you were to use it just for photo taking purposes then it will definitely not be an issue.

Decent quality! Not very very sturdy but enough to not break easily if you treat it with proper care.
For people who wants to replace the glass with prescription I would not advise you to do so since it is not strong enough for everyday wear unless you really take extremely good care of it.
After all, these glasses are just for aesthetics. c:

Click here to purchase or for more info.

That's it for the review!
See you on my next post after my exams~ c:

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