Review: Klenspop Story 303 Pink Glasses

Hiiii~ ♡
Finally back with another review again~ c: Today I will be reviewing another pair of glasses sponsored by Klenspop!
This time I'm reviewing "Story 303 Pink" ♡ which will probably be my favourite out of my glasses collection!

Came with a sturdy case to store your glasses and also a cloth to clean them!
I really like the case because of its sturdiness and doesn't look like it's made of cheap materials. Might be too bulky to bring around but definitely a good case to store them at home to keep away from any damages!

Simple vintage looking pair of pink glasses! Love the shade of pink and how cute it looks when I add these on to take pictures! Even if you're not a fan of wearing glasses, it also looks cute to just hook it on your top to add a little accessory to your overall outfit!
This has got to be my favourite glasses so far, I've always been a fan of things that look vintage!
They really look so cute on pictures i love them so much!! ;~;

Really light, feels like nothing when you put on! Doesn't add on weight which might be uncomfortable for some people. 
Rubber grips on the nose which allow better grip and not have it sliding down when moving around! No slants or anything.

Overall pretty good quality except for the sides which are a little thin so you will have to extra care of it to avoid breaking it!
I have no issues with thin sides though because that's what most vintage looking glasses look like anyway which is cute. 

Click here to purchase or for more info.

That's it for the review!
Thank you Klenspop for kindly sponsoring me this pair of glasses for review ♡

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