Review: Klenspop Harley 5060 C3 (FS)

Hey everyone! c:
Been quite some time since my last blog post! I haven't been feeling myself lately so I wasn't really active anywhere much.. but I finally pulled myself together to type a blog post~
Today I will be blogging about these pretty pair of sunglasses "Harley 5060 C3 (FS)" that were sent to me by Klenspop for a review~ c:

These are my first pair of sunglasses where the lenses are mirrored! I really love the shade of pink, they look so sweet! I actually have my own favourite pair of sunglasses and this pair is pretty similar to what I have except the lenses are mirrored. (and they're pink too!)
They really help to block out the sun and people can't really look at your eyes so I feel like they really help to cover up on days that I don't have any eye make up on eheh.
The size is just nice on me too. Small enough to fit me, big enough to block the sun and frame my face. So overall, I really like it!

Sits comfortably! The weight is just nice and it felt really comfortable to wear.
Rubber grips on the nose which allow better grip and not have it sliding down when moving around! No slants or anything.

When I first held onto them, I can say these didn't felt like they were made of cheap materials at all! 
They're really sturdy and don't feel like they can break any time. I feel that these can last a pretty long time if you were to take proper care of them.

Click here to purchase or for more info.

p/s: I didn't have any make up on and I got to say, they really help to cover up eheh you can't see my eyes at all!

That's it for the review!
Thank you Klenspop and you for reading~
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