Give me Hello kitties?

I'm not childish,
Hello kitty![:
You're just different from me, thats all.

okay, I'm back to blogging again [:
Not gonna post much cause holidays are boring.
Auntie Serene is back from china![:
I love so love the things she gave me lahhh :D
The twins are back too :D But they are not gonna be in Singapore for long):
& I've got my W910I Sony Ericsson, yeah! :D
I seriously got nothing to blog about,
I will update after Justyn's meetups which is on 17o6o8.
Hey wait, isn't that T4E's 1oth month? x.x

okay, I'm too lazy to post in a new posts ;x
Auntie Serene & the twins are gonna fly off to China tmr]:
Sadds, it's likee, so fast lahhh! D:
They will be back during September, I have to wait for o1 month]:
Sometimes, I just dunt understand people you know,
Humans have eyes right?
They have Brains right?
Why can't they just See & think?
Didn't I put there bigbig already?
Can't they just follow!?
Then what are your eyes & brains used for?
Damn, all they know is just RIP,
Have your own thinking & not mine lahh!
You can always ask what!
If not use your own fcuking brain to think manszxc!
BITCH..Dunt even think of ripping.
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